Yogurt Shops Multiply in Numbers

Yogurt Shop Chairs

Commercial Yogurt Shop Chairs

Since 2009 I witnessed an increasing number of yogurt shop openings nationwide. I’m not in yogurt business but we happen to sell cafe chairs that are colorful which are preferred by ice cream parlors and yogurt shops. We have two brands, one is Siesta and the other is Nardi that offers cafe restaurant chairs in bright colors. Yogurt shops opening new locations call and order commercial furniture from us. I get to talk to the owners from all these yogurt stores. They all have colorful logos, and  colorful store decor. So they are obviously looking for colorful but durable chairs.  Nardi has Gardenia collection that offers Regina chairs in multiple colors. These are resin chairs with anodized aluminum legs. They are maintenance free. Cafe chairs are stackable. Siesta offers multiple collections that have colorful chairs. Juliette, Romeo, Dolce and Vita chairs are offered in apple green, beige, black, orange, red and white. These chairs are also resin with aluminum legs. They have anti-skid feet caps and they are all stackable for easy storage. Diva, Maya and Lucca chairs are offered in orange, white, beige, black, red, baby blue, silver gray and charcoal. These chairs are made as mono-block structures made with resin polypropylene with gas injected legs. They are strong, durable, light and stackable. Cafes and restaurants buy and use these chairs for years. But they chose classic colors like white and black. Now it’s the yogurt shops that are after the bright and vibrant colors like red, orange, blue and lime green.

Yogurt shops are increasing in numbers and I really don’t know why. May be it’s a new trend like the coffee shops opening on every corner in the nineties. So my advice is look around and you will see yogurt stores popping up left and right. Currently we supply chairs to more than 10 different yogurt shop chains nationwide. If you see colorful chairs in your local yogurt shop most probably they are purchased from us. To see a list of our most popular yogurt shop chairs just click on the link.