Camping by Mt. Rainier

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place, from its mountains to the sea of evergreen trees that populate much of the landscape. It’s truly a blessing to be only an hour drive (sometimes even less) from quiet seclusion and dense trails.

A few weeks ago while the weather was nice, we went out to enjoy some of Washington’s great outdoors.

After a two mile uphill hike with 40 lbs of backpack strapped on, we were glad to have a few moments of rest at our campsite before setting up for the weekend. Tents went up, sleeping bags were unfurled, and a fire pit was constructed. It was at this point we realized no one had thought to bring any outdoor chairs; the effort that went into putting together makeshift benches out of tree trunks was tiresome enough that I don’t think we’ll forget them again.

The Bench Situation

Benches Around Camp

Once camp was set, we were off to explore the area — those I was with had been to the spot before, but it was all new to me, and I think everyone relished the opportunity to show off the sights.

I wasn’t disappointed! Down a hill from the fire pit, we had our very own bank on a lake lined with cliffs that were perfectly situated for crisp echoes. It was tadpole season, and there were thousands swimming across the shallow waters by shore. Though the water was too cold to swim in, we did bring an inflatable boat, but not only did it only have enough room for one person, we had forgotten the oars! We determined that next time we would bring a bigger boat with oars, or perhaps some floats.

On the opposite side of camp was a small stream where we could filter water and wash our dishes, but which served more than a purely functional purpose. At the dropoff point of the stream, at the precipice of a steep hill that could almost have been a cliff, was a huge tree stump from which the best view of the entire camping grounds could be had.


Mt. Rainier at Sunset

In the mornings, Mt. Rainier was usually half-diluted by fog and mist, but at dusk she was dressed in pink and deep indigo against the half-lit sky; this was when she was the most breathtaking, in our collective opinion. Of course, we couldn’t stare all weekend, so we spent much of our time either cleaning up the grounds or sitting around the fire, sharing food and stories, and though the logs weren’t the most comfortable places to rest, the time was passed easily until we had to leave.

One good thing about an uphill hike at the beginning is that it means there is a downhill hike waiting for you, for which my legs were very grateful.

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- CozyDays - August 13, 2013

The New California Patio Chair and Deep Seating Sets

The new California chair from Siesta is now available in the US. This is a great addition to the wickerlook resin collections from Siesta. California chair is a versatile chair that can be used as a dining chair or a club chair. Chair is made with the same durable woven looking resin material like the other items in the wickerlook collections. California chair comes two in a box and requires easy assembly. Once the chairs are assembled they are strong and durable for all outdoor conditions. California chair is offered in brown, white and charcoal.

California Outdoor Patio Set

California Outdoor Patio Furniture Set


California chair together with Miami coffee table and side tables create the California Patio Seating Set. The set is great for casual settings. Wickerlook resin offers affordable luxury, and commercial durability with the looks of real woven furniture. Polypropylene resin has resistance for rain, snow, sun, suntan oils, chlorine and salt. This makes wickerlook furniture stay like new for many years making it ideal as pool furniture as well.



New Resin Wicker Outdoor Barstool has arrived

Outdoor bar stools are not easy to find. Especially resin construction bar stools are very rare. Most bar stools are made with wood or metal construction. You can find cast aluminum, cast iron and wood bar stools but polypropylene resin bar stools are not easy to find. There are very few manufacturers that can make a stable and strong bar stool with resin.

That being said, long awaited Jamaica bar stool has arrived. Siesta’s Wickerlook resin construction makes this barstool one of a kind. Woven looking construction and mono-block structure is offered in three colors. We currently have coffee brown and white and we will be bringing the charcoal gray in the fall.

This is long awaited by our commercial and contract customers who already use other Wickerlook products such as the Ibiza chairs, Florida chairs in their restaurants and hotels and are looking for matching bar stools. We are sure they will like the stability, durability and the price on this outdoor bar stool. Jamaica bar stool is light but strong and most important it is stackable. It’s great as balcony furniture because it can be stacked and taken inside when not in use.

Our Jamaica bar stools are ready to ship and stocked in white and brown colors.


New Patio Furniture Sets for Cast Aluminum Lovers

Its almost mid July but new sets of patio furniture still start showing up for a taste this summer and for longer use the next. Caluco has come up with three new patio sets.

R Palace Cast Aluminum Dining Set

R Palace Cast Aluminum Dining Set

The first one is R Palace dining set. This set consists of for dining chairs, two swivel chairs, and one rectangle table. Dining set is made with cast aluminum with Caluco quality. Seat cushions are available in multiple colors and this set is in stock for immediate shipment so you can catch the final weeks of summer and early fall.

La Mariposa dining set

La Mariposa dining set

The second set is a deep seating lounge set called La Mariposa. This is a beautiful cast aluminum seating set with a love seat, two club chairs, a rectangle coffee table and a square side table. This patio set comes with cushions that are made with Sunbrella fabric. Cast aluminum strength and durability mixed with elegant butterfly design at the back and comfortable cushions makes this set one of a kind.

R Palace Patio Seating Set

R Palace Patio Seating Set

The third introduction from Caluco is R Palace deep seating set with 5 pieces. This set consist of a love seat, two club chairs, a coffee table and a cocktail table. Casual seating set comes with thick Sunbrella cushions. Elegant design shows in every inch of this patio set. Coffee table and cocktail table has classic design on top making them an everyday garden use piece. This casual outdoor deep seating set is made for outdoor use and can be left outdoors year round. We always recommend to take the cushions inside when not in use for long periods of time.

All these three sets from Caluco are now in stock and ready to ship. Caluco brand patio furniture is suitable for outdoor use year round. Outdoor furniture can be used near the swimming pool, on the porch, backyard or the patio. Please refer to Caluco website for warranty information.



New Pool Floats for 2013 Season

Daylight savings is in place and its March 13th already. Days are longer and spring is coming in full speed. We come home from work and there is still daylight. What do we see: our backyard and the empty pool? It’s time for getting the pool ready. That takes a weekend. But what else would you need with a swimming pools; pool floats and pool toys. Let’s take a look at some of the new pool floats that we’ll start selling this year.

We have some new items that have entered our large pool floats section.  Aquaria came up with two pool floats made with Aqua Cell. One of them is Marquis which is 70 inches long and 1 ¼ inches thick. The other one is Aquaria Deluxe float which is approximately the same as Marquis but thicker with 1 ¾ inches thickness.  Both floats are very well designed. Colors are bright. Aqua Cell is perfectly buoyant. These two floats are made in the USA.

Canvas Pool Floats

A new comer to the vinyl dipped pool floats are the new Lazy Waves floats. We currently carry a medium thick at 1 ½ inch thickness and an extra thick at 2 inches.  Lazy Waves pool floats are very soft to the touch almost like a jelly material. This makes relaxation on them very desirable. Pool floats are offered in aquamarine and coral colors. These pool floats are also made in USA. Lazy Waves also offers kids floats that are shaped like sea creatures. These floats are vinyl dipped like the originals.  Check out floating dolphin, seahorse and lobster.


Our line up of canvas pool floats remain the same with some color changes.  They are still made in the USA with high quality Sunbrella fabrics. In 2012 our most popular new items were our canvas floats. We have seen lots of sales on Kai pool lounges, Kai Infinity pool lounges and Floating Beanbag lounges.

If we are talking about pool floats our best sellers are always Texas Recreation floats.  This year we have some extra colors and minimal changes in sizes. As always our bestsellers will be Sunsation; Supersoft; Kool Pool Float; Sunray and at last but not the least Ultra  Sunsation. Tropical teal and Metallic Blue are the new colors that will catch attention this summer.

If you own a pool; this is the time to consider our pool floats. Look at all our items that have reviews and you will receive valuable insights from other customers just like you. Also read at our pool floats buying tips section for valuable suggestions.