New Year’s Eve at the Space Needle

Fireworks at Space Needle

New Year’s Eve 2013 Firewoks

We’ve heard how amazing the fireworks at Space Needle over the years in Seattle, WA. We wanted to check it out ourselves. Around 11:30pm on December 31, 2012 we start walking towards the Space Needle from Belltown.

Everybody was in a great mood. People had their beach chairs lined up, having drinks already celebrating despite the cold weather. Next year, we should be more prepared by bringing our outdoor chairs. As we approach the Space Needle, you could feel the energy rising. Families, couples and everybody else were trying to get the best spot to watch the fireworks, setting up their tripods and cameras. Police closed the roads around the Needle, so that more people can watch the show safely. The fireworks show was about 10 minutes, we were very cold at the time; however it was well worth the wait.

And it’s 11:59PM… Happy New Year from Seattle, WA!

Above is the video of the countdown and the fireworks that welcomed 2013.