More than 20 things you can do on a product page

CozyDays sample product page

Product page at CozyDays

We are constantly improving our visitors’ experience at Instead of duplicating what others do, we use feed back from our customers, visitors and fans. Instead of a boring product page with irrelevant romantic stories, we intend to bring a personal experience and detailed information both visually and written. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes not.

As a webmaster, I personally think any website can be improved in many aspects. When we first started in 2002, things you could do on a product page was under 5 things. Now that I look at it, there are more than 20 things you can provide on a product page at CozyDays.

And here is the list in 3 sections:


  • See, enlarge, zoom on all product photos
  • Watch product videos
  • See, enlarge, zoom on all product colors/swatches

Written Information

  • Discounts, prices and savings.
  • Description: detailed information about the product.
  • Sales person says: Amazing facts about the product
  • Specifications: Width, height, quantity, available colors etc.
  • Reviews: Read what our customers have to say about the product and their experience with CozyDays.
  • Warranty and return information
  • Individual items in a product sets
  • Estimated shipping information. We do everything we can to improve and be more accurate when it comes to shipping.
  • Color swatches and options
  • See other products from the same style, material, collection and brand
  • Attachement options like cushions, lids, air pumps complimentary to the product.
  • Related buying and shopping guides
  • Related shopping categories: These are the other variants of categorization.

Interactive Social Media

  • Add a review: Let us know and other customers what do you think of the product
  • Share your own photos and videos in a review.
  • Add what you think of the product before you buy.
  • +1 at Google+
  • Share/Like at Facebook
  • Tweet about a product
  • Pin the visuals to Pinterest
  • Email the product to your friends


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- CozyDays - March 31, 2012