Leaving Miami for Bahamas in November

We decided to take a weekend cruise to get away from Miami and have a few days for relaxation. November is a good month for cruises because you get the best deals. We are really not cruise people but the 2 day or 3 day cruises work just fine for us. You get a little fresh air, see a new place and come back Monday morning all fresh.

Our cruise left Miami around 5:00 pm. It was gloomy and looked like it might rain any minute. Weather was humid and the temperature was around high seventies. Almost all passengers were on the deck watching the spectacular views of Miami, Downtown, South Beach and the Port. As we sailed out of the port it started raining. This caused the security briefing that needs to take place on the deck to be moved indoors. So we started looking for the hall where we would be briefed. Finally we get to one of the main halls and the briefing started. Our dinner time was at 7 so we had to rush to the cabin and change for dinner.

The first night on the cruise ship always passes quick. We checked out the ship, the casino, dance clubs, bars, decks, dining rooms etc. The next morning we woke up in the Bahamas. We're in Nassau.

You can easily tell you are in the Bahamas just by looking at the beautiful Turquoise waters. The shades of blue seems infinite. Everybody enjoys the colors while the ship is docking for Nassau. We are all on the deck sitting on balcony chairs and sipping our morning coffees. We will get out of the ship within a few minutes to visit Nassau.