Hot August in Istanbul

August is hot in Europe. After a few days in Madrid we are on the second leg of our much awaited vacation in Istanbul.  Walking in the old city, going thru the back streets we bump into many outdoor restaurants. Most of these cute places have modern furniture. It’s like a crazy contrast with thousand year old buildings and walls as the backdrop and modern furniture on the front. Here is a picture of a casual outdoor joint with Miss Bibi chairs. This is between the historic post office and the spice bazaar in Sirkeci.

Restaurant Chairs Spice Bazaar

Miss Bibi Chairs in Istanbul


As you can see the market umbrellas are really funky and don’t fit the decor but it looks like they were given by product vendors. Chairs are definitely paid for. High quality and eye catching Miss Bibi chairs from Siesta. Nice colors. The real funny thing is this isn’t even a real restaurant or cafe. But they have furnished their outdoor area in such a way to get the most out of the touristic business in the old city. I have seen the same chairs in the most chic areas of Istanbul miles away from the old city in ultramodern settings. That’s the beauty of modern and functional products. You can see the same chair in the most expensive restaurant in town or on a corner cafe that serves casual food. Below are some pictures of the Bosphorus during a boat trip from the European side to the Asian side (Kadikoy).