CozyDays Redesigns Website

CozyDays Redesigns Website unveils its new face in October with a completely new design. has completely redesigned the website with the main emphasis now on sharing more information with customers. has opted to leave the catalog-like website design, that the company had been utilizing since their start in 2002, behind. Now, in keeping with the many developments in the world of e-commerce, has shifted into a more interactive format.

This new design will allow to provide information like Best Seller Products, Current Hot Sellers, Recent Product Reviews, Top Sellers by Region and so on. By providing customers more information on the website and product pages, is aiming for higher conversion rates. While most websites don't provide critical information about products and categories, is now working to enrich the readable and visual content that is provided to users through the website.

"These changes are very exciting," says Kanat Ozturan of, "In March 2011 we launched our mobile sites for and all our niche sites. We see an increase in sales thru mobile devices. They are simpler and easy to operate from cell phones." Included in the overhaul of media developments and improvements, has also made it convenient for on-the-go shoppers to find everything they need to accommodate their outdoor living space via smartphone. continues to expand their catalog with new categories that had been avoided until now. The first main category is lighting, followed by indoor furniture and cookware. Since 2002, has created a loyal customer base of Home & Garden enthusiasts that are ready to purchase new categories of home products that include, but are not limited to, outdoor living products; though the main categories of patio furniture and outdoor living still continue to be top sellers. is proud to announce that most of the site changes have been completed and are launching before the holiday season. has been providing high-quality outdoor furniture for nearly 10 years. The primary focus on customer satisfaction matched with a commitment to quality and service is what continues to drive success. You can expect updates and new additions to the site in the near future as the company is constantly looking for ways to offer customers a more pleasurable online shopping experience. currently operates over 100 niche websites with being the umbrella website.

If you would like more information about CozyDays or you are interested in taking a look at the high quality inventory, please contact CozyDays at 1.888.256-7044 or visit the website at / .

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