CozyDays at Internet Retailer Conference & Show 2012

Enterance to IRCE 2012

Main enterance to IRCE

We went to the Internet Retailer Conference and Show in Chicago.  After a bumpy airplane ride from Miami to Chicago Ohare we arrived at our nice hotel in downtown. It was already like 8 pm and we took a walk downtown. Nba finals were on and all the sports bars were full. I immediately started browsing outdoor furniture on all the bars and restaurants. There were a large number of very cheap products. It’s amazing to see luxury restaurants with ten dollar plastic chairs. It looks bad. I don’t know how they decide on the cheapest chairs they can find. It has to be because of the short summer season. Since they don’t have many months outdoors they don’t want to invest more than necessary on outdoor furniture. That’s how I would think. But if you are running a nice restaurant and if your furniture indoors are nice you should also invest for some decent outdoor furniture for outdoors as well. We ended up eating burgers while watching the Nba game in one of the sports bar with cheap furniture.

Cab ride to Mccormick Place was about ten minutes in the morning. We were late for the initial presentations but we were right on time for Fareed Zacharia from CNN. He made a great speech about global economy and the importance of Internet. He was very open, honest and factual in this presentation. There were thousands of attendants that were watching and Fareed managed to get everybody excited and motivated about the future of economy. It was a pleasure to watch him talk.

After the speech we walked the trade show are to find some services that can make our lives easier so we can spend more time for pleasing customers as we always do. There were many booths offering marketing solutions, freight solutions, software, image processing, SEO, loyalty solutions, e-commerce solutions and what not. It took us two full days to finish the whole showroom floor.

Internet Retailer show has become a monster show with thousands of attendants and hundreds of service providers. Every time we attend we manage to find some interesting services and this year we also managed to pocket some really great services that will help us. Let’s see if we can start these services before the end of the year.