Pacific Pool Chaise Lounge is here

Pacific Chaise Lounges in White Frame & Blue, Yellow, Turquoise Slings

Vibrant colors of resort chaise lounges

Sling chaise lounges are increasing in popularity and every manufacturer is coming up with a sling chaise lounge. However it’s not easy to come up with a reliable product especially when a sling is involved. There are lots of low quality sling chaises in the market, of which sag, rip, discolor or disintegrate in a few months.

I’m happy to announce that finally Siesta has come up with a great chaise lounge called the Pacific Sling Chaise. This chaise lounge has a 100% polypropylene construction made with marine grade resin. Sling is made from the world famous Batyline and is used in marine applications. It’s a modern chaise with simple functionality and a clean look. Chaise back adjusts to 5 positions and folds flat for more comfortable sun bathing. Recessed wheels make it easy to move around. It’s stackable for easy storage. Sling is easily replaceable if necessary.

Currently Siesta offers seven color combinations.

We started offering Pacific chaise lounge late in 2014 but it looks like it will be a hit for 2015 summer.


New Pool Floats for 2013 Season

Daylight savings is in place and its March 13th already. Days are longer and spring is coming in full speed. We come home from work and there is still daylight. What do we see: our backyard and the empty pool? It’s time for getting the pool ready. That takes a weekend. But what else would you need with a swimming pools; pool floats and pool toys. Let’s take a look at some of the new pool floats that we’ll start selling this year.

We have some new items that have entered our large pool floats section.  Aquaria came up with two pool floats made with Aqua Cell. One of them is Marquis which is 70 inches long and 1 ¼ inches thick. The other one is Aquaria Deluxe float which is approximately the same as Marquis but thicker with 1 ¾ inches thickness.  Both floats are very well designed. Colors are bright. Aqua Cell is perfectly buoyant. These two floats are made in the USA.

Canvas Pool Floats

A new comer to the vinyl dipped pool floats are the new Lazy Waves floats. We currently carry a medium thick at 1 ½ inch thickness and an extra thick at 2 inches.  Lazy Waves pool floats are very soft to the touch almost like a jelly material. This makes relaxation on them very desirable. Pool floats are offered in aquamarine and coral colors. These pool floats are also made in USA. Lazy Waves also offers kids floats that are shaped like sea creatures. These floats are vinyl dipped like the originals.  Check out floating dolphin, seahorse and lobster.


Our line up of canvas pool floats remain the same with some color changes.  They are still made in the USA with high quality Sunbrella fabrics. In 2012 our most popular new items were our canvas floats. We have seen lots of sales on Kai pool lounges, Kai Infinity pool lounges and Floating Beanbag lounges.

If we are talking about pool floats our best sellers are always Texas Recreation floats.  This year we have some extra colors and minimal changes in sizes. As always our bestsellers will be Sunsation; Supersoft; Kool Pool Float; Sunray and at last but not the least Ultra  Sunsation. Tropical teal and Metallic Blue are the new colors that will catch attention this summer.

If you own a pool; this is the time to consider our pool floats. Look at all our items that have reviews and you will receive valuable insights from other customers just like you. Also read at our pool floats buying tips section for valuable suggestions.


Questions about Swimming Pool Floats

Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float

Kai Infinity Pool Lounge Float

Memorial Day is days away. Summer has kicked in officially. Lots of early birds have started buying their swimming pool floats and lake toys for the memorial day parties on the lake or pool. It’s still not too late to shed some light on pool floats offered this year. Customers call and ask for specific things year after year which provides us feedback and more knowledge about products that we carry. So I will provide most of this knowledge to you as much as I can.

The number one question we get is about the types of pool floats. It’s very simple. There are inflatables, foam floats and beanbag floats. Inflatables are basic vinyl toys that you inflate and use for floatation. Foam floats are sheets of closed cell foam that doesn’t sink. When I say foam it’s not styro-foam. It’s more like a rubber plastic foam that you see on the gym floor just like a yoga mat.  These sheets of foam is designed to stay unsinkable and carry the weight of the person lying on it. Then we have the new bean bag floats. We call them canvas floats because they are made with canvas like fabrics from Sunbrella. Inside the fabric is thousands of styrofoam beads that float. These floats are exactly like bean bags. They just happen to float.

Now that you know the three type of floats offered in the market let’s get to the second most question we receive. It’s about foam pool floats. Customers ask: ” What’s the difference between all foam floats offered?” The answer is again very simple. Foam floats are divided into two. Vinyl covered and not covered. Non covered floats are just the foam without any coating. Vinyl covered floats have a vinyl coating on the closed cell foam. Vinyl makes it look a little nicer. It’s easier to clean. Smooth to the touch. Vinyl covered floats tend to be a little more expensive.

Third question: “Why are they priced differently? They all look same to me.” Pricing relies on the thickness and size of the float. Sizes are usually approximate but thickness drives all prices.

Ultra-Luxe Design Foam Pool Float

Ultra-Luxe Design Foam Pool Float

Fourth question: “How important is the thickness?” My reply is usually “It’s very important”. The thicker the float the more buoyant it is. The thinner the float the more water you will have contact with. Depending on the size of the person lying on the float the buoyancy changes. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t disclose any information about what weight a float can handle. For that reason if you are a heavy person I always suggest for thicker floats. If you are heavy and choose a thinner float your body will be submerged in water. Not that it’s a bad thing. Some customers prefer to get more water on them. On the other hand some customers don’t want to touch the water at all. Also one other buoyancy factor is the water. Salt water is more buoyant than fresh water. The same float will be more buoyant in the sea and ocean or salt water pools. May be this is why manufacturers don’t disclose buoyancy information because there are many factors that weigh in.

Now that I went over the major questions we receive on pool floats let me show you our most popular sellers. Our best sellers of all time are Sunsation, Kool pool float, Supersoft and Ultra Sunsation. This season we have some new floats that made the top five: Sunsation, King Kai Pool Float, Kai Pool Float, Monterey Float and Ultra Sunsation.

Whether you have a pool or make trips to the lake or ocean, pool floats are always good toys to have with you. They are comfortable and fun to use. If you still have questions about our products call our customer service line and we will be happy to answer your questions. In the meantime check our website that’s only dedicated for pool floats. It provides information and customer reviews on most items in the market today. We update our products and information periodically.