January 4th in Oleta River

It’s hard to believe that its already January 4th of 2015, but what’s harder to believe is we are going swimming. Yes the whole country is under an Arctic chill with temperatures below zero and Floridians are filling parks and beaches.

The beaches were windy so we decided to go to the small beach in the inlet in Oleta River park in North Miami. This is a beautiful park with canoe rentals, bike rentals and off road bike course and lots of picnic areas. Since we have two small kids we went straight to the beach. Most picnic tables were taken and Miamians already were enjoying this partly sunny day with temperatures in the eighties.

We settled on the beach and headed to the water. Most people were sitting in outdoor chairs that they brought with them and they were enjoying the sun. Water was crystal clear with lots of marine life. We quickly found a small conch that kept walking around in the shallows. The tide was low.

Our beach towels were laid and we enjoyed hours of sun, clean air, a warm breeze and clean swimming water. While lots of other visitors had their beach umbrellas and shade tents for protection from sun.

January in Miami. This is pretty much how it usually is.

Leaving Miami for Bahamas in November

We decided to take a weekend cruise to get away from Miami and have a few days for relaxation. November is a good month for cruises because you get the best deals. We are really not cruise people but the 2 day or 3 day cruises work just fine for us. You get a little fresh air, see a new place and come back Monday morning all fresh.

Our cruise left Miami around 5:00 pm. It was gloomy and looked like it might rain any minute. Weather was humid and the temperature was around high seventies. Almost all passengers were on the deck watching the spectacular views of Miami, Downtown, South Beach and the Port. As we sailed out of the port it started raining. This caused the security briefing that needs to take place on the deck to be moved indoors. So we started looking for the hall where we would be briefed. Finally we get to one of the main halls and the briefing started. Our dinner time was at 7 so we had to rush to the cabin and change for dinner.

The first night on the cruise ship always passes quick. We checked out the ship, the casino, dance clubs, bars, decks, dining rooms etc. The next morning we woke up in the Bahamas. We’re in Nassau.

You can easily tell you are in the Bahamas just by looking at the beautiful Turquoise waters. The shades of blue seems infinite. Everybody enjoys the colors while the ship is docking for Nassau. We are all on the deck sitting on balcony chairs and sipping our morning coffees. We will get out of the ship within a few minutes to visit Nassau.




New Pool Floats for 2013 Season

Daylight savings is in place and its March 13th already. Days are longer and spring is coming in full speed. We come home from work and there is still daylight. What do we see: our backyard and the empty pool? It’s time for getting the pool ready. That takes a weekend. But what else would you need with a swimming pools; pool floats and pool toys. Let’s take a look at some of the new pool floats that we’ll start selling this year.

We have some new items that have entered our large pool floats section.  Aquaria came up with two pool floats made with Aqua Cell. One of them is Marquis which is 70 inches long and 1 ¼ inches thick. The other one is Aquaria Deluxe float which is approximately the same as Marquis but thicker with 1 ¾ inches thickness.  Both floats are very well designed. Colors are bright. Aqua Cell is perfectly buoyant. These two floats are made in the USA.

Canvas Pool Floats

A new comer to the vinyl dipped pool floats are the new Lazy Waves floats. We currently carry a medium thick at 1 ½ inch thickness and an extra thick at 2 inches.  Lazy Waves pool floats are very soft to the touch almost like a jelly material. This makes relaxation on them very desirable. Pool floats are offered in aquamarine and coral colors. These pool floats are also made in USA. Lazy Waves also offers kids floats that are shaped like sea creatures. These floats are vinyl dipped like the originals.  Check out floating dolphin, seahorse and lobster.


Our line up of canvas pool floats remain the same with some color changes.  They are still made in the USA with high quality Sunbrella fabrics. In 2012 our most popular new items were our canvas floats. We have seen lots of sales on Kai pool lounges, Kai Infinity pool lounges and Floating Beanbag lounges.

If we are talking about pool floats our best sellers are always Texas Recreation floats.  This year we have some extra colors and minimal changes in sizes. As always our bestsellers will be Sunsation; Supersoft; Kool Pool Float; Sunray and at last but not the least Ultra  Sunsation. Tropical teal and Metallic Blue are the new colors that will catch attention this summer.

If you own a pool; this is the time to consider our pool floats. Look at all our items that have reviews and you will receive valuable insights from other customers just like you. Also read at our pool floats buying tips section for valuable suggestions.


New Year’s Eve at the Space Needle

Fireworks at Space Needle

New Year’s Eve 2013 Firewoks

We’ve heard how amazing the fireworks at Space Needle over the years in Seattle, WA. We wanted to check it out ourselves. Around 11:30pm on December 31, 2012 we start walking towards the Space Needle from Belltown.

Everybody was in a great mood. People had their beach chairs lined up, having drinks already celebrating despite the cold weather. Next year, we should be more prepared by bringing our outdoor chairs. As we approach the Space Needle, you could feel the energy rising. Families, couples and everybody else were trying to get the best spot to watch the fireworks, setting up their tripods and cameras. Police closed the roads around the Needle, so that more people can watch the show safely. The fireworks show was about 10 minutes, we were very cold at the time; however it was well worth the wait.

And it’s 11:59PM… Happy New Year from Seattle, WA!

Above is the video of the countdown and the fireworks that welcomed 2013.


CozyDays Unveils a New Daily Deal Promotion

CozyDays Logo


CozyDays unveils a new daily deal promotion geared towards providing unbeatable deals for 24 hours only. The new daily deal section can be reached at https://www.cozydays.com/daily-deal/.

CozyDays spokesperson Ken Ozturan says “We will be sourcing products of high demand and also use a mix of our most popular products and bring the best deals to our customers.” He added “During our regular sales process many customers inquire about reductions or discounts for specific products. Some of our customers leave their information and say if this specific product goes on sale please let me know”. So we decided to compile a group of products and offer them at amazing discounts to please our customers.”

CozyDays spokesperson pointed out that this project was initially scheduled for Spring 2013 but have been prioritized for the current holiday season.

Checkout CozyDays daily deals and discounts at https://www.cozydays.com/daily-deal/.

CozyDays is also a part of your favorite social network. Check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CozyDays and Twitter https://twitter.com/CozyDaysSocial , where you can find information on upcoming deals and promotions.


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