WaterMat Plus Floating Mat WM-PLUS Reviews

WaterMat Plus Floating Mat WM-PLUS

WaterMat Plus Floating Mat
Product ID: 003481
Brand: WaterMat

Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
2 reviews

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June 24, 20135/5stars 5.0

Great water toy for my daughter's birthday party. 10 girls spent about 4 hours on the mat playing. It's fun to watch them,and a lot of happy scream too.
delivered on time
June 22, 20125/5stars 5.0

We purchased the WaterMat Plus Floating Mat for my grandson's birthday party at the lake and everybody had a blast! We were very excited as to how easy it was to just roll out on the water and then the fun begain. We even had people stopping by to ask us about the water mat. After the party we just pulled it out on the pier and let it dry and then we rolled it up - so much better than the inflatable water toys, you don't have to let the air out and then air it back up. Just roll the mat up!
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