Snow Car Plastic Snow Sled Yellow ES100-08 Reviews

Snow Car Plastic Snow Sled Yellow ES100-08

Snow Car Plastic Snow Sled Yellow
Product ID: 003868
SKU: ES100-08

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2 reviews

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January 20, 20144/5stars 4.0

At first I was upset because my snowcar did not match the one in the picture. The sticker on the front was different, there was no side sticker, and there was no back seat pad. I am still skeptical whether it actually is made by Eurosled. In any case, I am quite pleased with this product. My family and I have had an opportunity to use it many times and I have no complaints. It is lightweight, steers well and brakes well. I must admit, however, this sled does not handle deep snow very well and should probably only be used on a packed hill/trail.
December 1, 20115/5stars 5.0

I have been looking for a sled for my granddaughter with a steering wheel. My 26 year old son had one as a child and it was the best. I believe this sled will work out perfect, Will not really know until we get some snow.
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