Merikan Missile Sled Jet Black ES-MM-06 Reviews

Merikan Missile Sled Jet Black ES-MM-06

Merikan Missile Sled Jet Black
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February 6, 20175/5stars 5.0

This is a great sled! More solid than most, but still quite light. I carry it up mountains and it carries me down. Can be quite fast! I have found it very easy to maneuver. I've read where it describes using your hands, but I just tap with my feet and maintain course quite well. The front of it hold your legs in a comfortable position so that you can relax without having to drag your feet. The rear keeps my pack up off the ground for quick travel.
These guys were great! They called prior to shipping and I got it much earlier than I expected - in time for my next mountain climb! I've used it on two climbs so far. Very much appreciated the personal touch! Thanks guys!!!
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