Colorado Double Kicksled

Colorado Double Kicksled MB-DK-0211-11
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  • Colorado Double Kicksled
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  • SKU: MB-DK-0211-11

Product Description

Colorado double kicksled allows 2 children to be transported. Longer for more comfortable seating. Gliding along on hard-packed snow or ice is easy with this kicksled. Extra seat lets you carry one extra person. Snowpacked streets, back roads, and well-used snowmobile trails are perfect for kicksledding, particularly those with a gentle grade. Mountain Boy kicksleds are an artistic interpretation of a traditional, time-tested Nordic design. The sled body, including the very comfortable slatted seat, is made of American white ash. Screws are stainless steel, and connecting bolts are high-grade anodized steel. The runners are highly flexible tempered steel, with polished and waxed edges. Rings are welded to the front of each runner, making it simple to attach a bridle and tugline for dogsledding. Multiple coats of UV-resistant finish mean the sled can be left outside for extended periods without damage.The handle on each sled is a specially chosen native willow branch, hand-carved for a perfect fit and polished to show its natural beauty. No two handles are alike, and each has its own unique look and feel. Because each kicksled is a one-of-a-kind work, each is signed and numbered on the bottom by the sledmaker. On the back, an elasticized storage compartment provides space for a sweater or lunch box. The copper footrest is light, strong and sets off the wood tones of the sled. As it ages, the copper gains a fine patina that only develops more character overtime. Removable nuts at the front of each runner allow each sled to be easily collapsed and transported on top of a vehicle. Weight: 17 pounds. Dimensions: 36"H x 24"W x 72" L. Weight limit: 300 lbs.

  • Product ID: 001433
  • SKU: MB-DK-0211-11
  • Traditional Norwegian kicksled, handmade in Silverton, Colorado
  • Dimensions: 36"H x 24"W x 72" L. Weight: 17 lbs.

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Colorado Double Kicksled MB-DK-0211-11
December 23, 20145/5 stars 5.0
R. F. from Anchorage, AK
Excellant kick sled. This is our 2nd one. Great product, easy to assemble. Having lots of fun and getting great exercise with it. Lacked sufficient notification in regard to shipping. Had to call after a week to find out if had been shipped, only to find out that was to be delivered next day. So I believe that greater attention needs to be paid to this part of CozyDays service. Product was as advertised.

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