Big Crossover Inflatable Snow Tube SP30-3512 Reviews

Big Crossover Inflatable Snow Tube SP30-3512

Big Crossover Inflatable Snow Tube
Product ID: 001341
SKU: SP30-3512

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March 5, 20141/5stars 1.0

Crossover snow tube arrived with hole in it. Inflated tube to use the next day. Tube was soft and went flat by second day. Service department was excellent and new tube was sent out. I have not inflated it yet due to experience with second product I purchased. I am trying to decide if I just have a credit issued and return the replacement tube.
Bought the Gizmo (second product) on the same day. My 48 pound son used it 4 times. On the 4th time of use (about 1-2 hours use for each outing) one of the heat sealed seams opened up. Chinese company making these tubes has no quality control.
service department is excellent. product is terrible
considering the Gizmo is $40 dollars and the crossover is $140 dollars
January 1, 20115/5stars 5.0

This sled is very heavy duty and it works great but it should for the price I paid for it.
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