Above Ground LED Thru-Wall Light NA4035 Reviews

Above Ground LED Thru-Wall Light NA4035

Above Ground LED Thru-Wall Light
Product ID: 010441
SKU: NA4035
Brand: Blue Wave

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April 21, 20121/5stars 1.0

Do not buy this light!!!! After draining my pool about 1 foot, I installed the light. Instalation when easily until I went to reconnect the plumbing. It seems as though the fitting that comes with the light has different threads than ANY other thread known to man. I tried all the major home improvement centers and all the local pluming suppliers. I went to the local pool supply and no one could match the threads to reconnect the plumbing. I even called the people we baught the light from, all they could do is get me the number of the manufacturer. I took my loss and baught an over the wall type light. It was simple to install and looks great in the pool. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!
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