Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000 Reviews

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner
Product ID: 000469
SKU: SS64000
Brand: Super Soft

Rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 103 ratings
103 reviews

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July 23, 20172/5stars 2.0

The product should be labelled with a weight limit. It is very unstable if you weigh more than 150 lbs. I use it as an expensive float.
July 10, 20175/5stars 5.0

The chair is very comfy!
Ordered two only received one and was charged for two. Called and left message haven't received a call back yet. Still waiting for call back and item.
July 7, 20173/5stars 3.0

The chair is not as sturdy as anticipated, the adjustment does not hold in place, and the drink holders are very shallow and only hold cans. I was under the impression that you could hold a glass, a cup, but the only thing that will fit is a can and it is very shallow. The chair is good as an extra, but I don't think it's worth the cost.
July 1, 20173/5stars 3.0

Product is decent. Seeing some rusty water leaking from some areas already. Service from both cozy days and super soft inadequate.
This review and rating is for customer service and not the product. Upon unboxing the pool float I found a retaining clip between the parts that allow the chair to be adjusted. After several emails I was told that the part was not needed. I contacted super soft and after describing the part two times that were finally able to tell me what it was used for. Then they told me to fix it myself! Evidently their quality control needs improvement.
Part found (Customer submitted photo #1)Where part belonged between adjustable arms (Customer submitted photo #2)
June 29, 20171/5stars 1.0

Lazy chair was in back order and they never called... sent e mails and nothing. Left messages and no one called . Finally a girl by the name of Ashley could feel my frustration and is the one to let me know that the product was in back order for over a month .
This is the problem today with buying in the web. They ask you to call here send and e mail there and no one returns a call or anything.
Ashley, Good
June 20, 20175/5stars 5.0

Perfect product. As pictured, quality materials.
All service as promised. I give it an A.
January 24, 20175/5stars 5.0

Husband hasn't been able to use the pool lounger yet because it has been too cold. He really likes it though and he is looking forward to trying it out.
I had good and helpful service.
December 26, 20163/5stars 3.0

I searched for quite a while for what I thought would be the perfect pool float. After researching this product and reading the reviews, was hopefult this would be it. I purchased two, not an inexpensive buy. I'm sorry to say, they're just "all right" IMHO. They are quite tippy, it's virtually impossible to keep a drink in the holder without spilling and I'm leary as to how long the teeth that hold the reclining back in place will last, since they're quite small & plastic. In summary, not a bad product but definitely not worth the price, to me.
August 29, 20165/5stars 5.0

I spend a lot of time in my pool and was tired of changing floats depending on whether I wanted to sit up or lay down. Some put you completely in the water or not in the water at all. Inflatable rafts are nice for storage but blow away if left outside. I have been looking at this chair for a while but wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much.
All it took was one time on it and I will never be without this chair again! It is very easy to adjust, roll over etc... I'm in the water enough to stay cooled off when it's hot, but not submerged when it's cooler out.
Hands down the best raft I've ever had in 25 years.
July 23, 20165/5stars 5.0

Very happy with the quality of the adjustable recliner. It is a wonderful value for the price and quality. We ended up buying a 2nd when we saw the first one purchased.
Free shipping is outstanding. very pleased
May 19, 20165/5stars 5.0

Great products and customer service...
August 11, 20154/5stars 4.0

We have not had this float very long but to date we find it to be sturdy and everything we had hoped for we love the adjustable back we will in time review it again as to its estimated reliability and wear... at this point it seems well made and should last numerous seasons other reviews have stated otherwise
July 19, 20154/5stars 4.0

I love the product but was a bit disappointed to see the adjustable cogs were stripped when I received the chair.
July 19, 20155/5stars 5.0

Great purchase. My wife can now read her book while in the pool instead of sitting along side the pool.
Item shipped within 3 working days as promised.
July 18, 20155/5stars 5.0

excellent, was a replacement for one we got 10 yrs ago, will not allow our dogs on this one, nails poke holes in the rubber.
Love the adjustability of this one !
Also, best price online !
Shipping was quick and packaging was good !
July 2, 20155/5stars 5.0

Very pleased with product and your service.
June 26, 20154/5stars 4.0

Over all was very please wih quality of this product.
Excellent service, product arrived without incident.
June 10, 20155/5stars 5.0

Love my adjustable recliner. Picture and description was very accurate and service was prompt.
May 20, 20153/5stars 3.0

This is very comfortable. It is great that you can adjust it to countless positions. The things that are not great are the length and the cup holders. I am only 5 feet five inches tall and it only comes up to mid-calf. It should be longer. My biggest gripe though is with the cup holders. They are so shallow that no cup , can or bottle will stay in them.
April 25, 20155/5stars 5.0

Chairs arrived on time. Were top quality and very comfortable.
I did not have to speak with anyone to complete order. The product descriptions and shipping were handled in a quality manner
January 1, 20155/5stars 5.0

Really don't know how we like. Bought as Christmas gift 2014 and will not use until pool opens in spring 2015
contacted customer service for order change, very helpfull
October 11, 20145/5stars 5.0

Liked the chair vary much.
Very good service.
September 9, 20142/5stars 2.0

very disappointed not what i expected hard getting on n off which to have to do to change positions the soft material make it very hot to lay on in the pool this is not at all what i expected . your return policy only works if you dont try it out so i am stuck with it that is ok because its made in the USA
service was great
August 17, 20145/5stars 5.0

The color and product was exactly as described.
August 11, 20145/5stars 5.0

I bought this pool recliner for my wife for her birthday. She loves it. It is as advertised and worth the premium price.
July 6, 20145/5stars 5.0

I love, love, love my new pool recliner. I searched everywhere for a multi-position pool recliner. I finally found this one for the best price. It was still expensive but worth it! I was reluctant to pay the price but finally bit the bullet. I am so glad I did. I know it will last many years. The bright coral color is a beautiful pop of color to the pretty pool water.
No complaints with the service. The recliner shipped quickly and was in perfect condition when I received it.
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May 31, 20145/5stars 5.0

This chair came in great time. It is exactly what I have been wanting. Its so easy to adjust the knobs while sitting in it. perfect for relaxing and just watching grandkids play or taking a nap in after a hard day at work.
May 25, 20145/5stars 5.0

Love, love, love my new recliners!!
Service was excellent and fast.
January 18, 20145/5stars 5.0

Love it! Great for relaxing, and nice to have different position.
January 13, 20145/5stars 5.0

Delivery was on time, packaging great and was just what i ordered.
September 4, 20135/5stars 5.0

The pool recliner was a gift for my Sisters B-Day...Big Hit! She loves it and I also got to try it out a few times...
Product came as scheduled... no problems
September 3, 20135/5stars 5.0

They look just like the picture. The bronze is very classy looking. My husband is around 250lb and he could sit in them, but will be in the water a bit! If you put all your weight towards the back it will lean back more than you intend.
Fast delivery!
August 5, 20135/5stars 5.0

Beautiful, well constructed lounger that is adjustable and very comfortable.
July 22, 20133/5stars 3.0

I AM 225 lb male. The chair is extremely unstable, the slightest movement from center will cause you to flip over. Also, the cup holders are in the water. Construction of chair is very good, just not for someone 225 lbs. Not what I expected.
. Excellent service
July 3, 20135/5stars 5.0

I received my Super Soft Adjustable Recliner in a short amount of time. It is very comfortable and I love it.
June 25, 20133/5stars 3.0

Love this pool lounger...high quality, comfortable and hopefully durable!
Very disappointed that it took over 4 weeks to receive it
June 3, 20133/5stars 3.0

Lounge is made well, however while it is rated for up to 250 lbs, at 200 lbs., it becomes unstable in a sitting position. In order to combat this you have to slouch and can cause lower back pain.
Was going to return for the above reason, however because the return policy does not provide for return shipping, the cost to return is 2/3rds the overall initial cost of the product. On top of that there will probably be a re-stocking fee. Not worth returning for that reason.
Be cautious of ordering over sized products for this reason.
May 20, 20134/5stars 4.0

The product works well and looks good. It fits my wife well, a little small for me (240# male).
December 24, 20125/5stars 5.0

I bought 1 of these for my parents over the summer and they loved it so much that I just bought them another one for Christmas. They say that they are very comfortable and easy to get into and out of.
September 13, 20121/5stars 1.0

This product is not what I expected and not too happy with purchase. Here are the reasons; cup holder is not deep enough to hold beverages, lounge fabric is very slippery so when occupant has suntan lotion on, they fall out of the seat; hard to get in the lounge to use;
some of the fabric is coming off the bottom in just a short period of time and finally, the fabric shows every crease or dent should the lounge be put next to an object. We have 2 purchased about 6 years ago and they are great so thought these would be the same, not so. Very unstable and hard to work with to get comfortable. This is a manufacturer problem and not the sellers.
Items sent properly and promptly.
August 31, 20125/5stars 5.0

Very Outstanding Product
I ordered the repair kit to make any future repairs
August 21, 20124/5stars 4.0

We enjoy our recliner floats. They are good quality and perform as advertized. They only observation we have is the arms could be wider to give more stability as well as support. Also, the cup holders are too shallow to work.
August 8, 20121/5stars 1.0

It is okay, not very good.
I accidentally ordered three chairs, I called and canceled two chairs. One chair was delivered, but all three were charged to my credit card.
August 5, 20125/5stars 5.0

Had one of these for prolly 15yrs...luv luv it!!!
Recently bought my family another one!!
July 25, 20123/5stars 3.0

I bought these same chairs a few years back and they were great, so when they got old I wanted the same ones again. They're not as good as they used to be. One of them had a hole in it when it arrived, but I didn't notice until after I used it and rusty water started dripping out when I put it away.
July 23, 20125/5stars 5.0

This product arrive about five days order date, product was in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with my puchase.
July 11, 20125/5stars 5.0

Loved this raft, it's the Cadillac of all rafts. Well worth it and just an amazing product
June 22, 20123/5stars 3.0

Recliner is fine but not very stable. Had I known, I wold not have bought...
June 11, 20125/5stars 5.0

Comfortable. Easy to adjust.
May 20, 20122/5stars 2.0

The chair is very unstable as you first try and recline, but comfortable after you get settled in. You just can't move around much once in it. Chair sinks into the water a good bit. The bahama blue chair has cup holders that are larger than the aquamarine chair and will hold a tumbler, but the chair sinks into the water so much the tumbler is at a severe angle when in the cup holder. I would not purchase this model again.
May 20, 20123/5stars 3.0

The chair is very unstable, but comfortable after you get settled in. Chair sinks into the water a good bit. I only weigh 170 and the chair arms are under water right to the cupholders. The auquamarine chair has cup holders that are incredibly small and do not hold a tumbler. I would not purchase this model again.
April 21, 20123/5stars 3.0

Once on the chair balance is a little tricky, not sufficiently boyant for a 200 il person, arms sink into the water. Size is good, color great , otherwise comfortable. Best feature no blowinup, no air leaks
August 24, 20115/5stars 5.0

The cadillac of floats. Other reviews indicated it was difficult to get into and balance. I have not found that to be the case. Amazingly comfortable and easily adjusted. I love it.
August 8, 20114/5stars 4.0

So far, I love it! The only think I don't like is the smell of it. I'm hoping it will wear off eventually.
July 29, 20115/5stars 5.0

These are wonderful lounges for the pool! They are the only ones I found that are sturdy and still adjustable. I had a pair of these for 12years before I had to replace them this year. If I get another 12 years out of the new ones I'll be more than pleased! They came quickly, too, which was another plus from this company!
July 28, 20115/5stars 5.0

The recliner was a birthday gift for my husband. It is excellent quality and value. At first, it is difficult to balance, but when one gets the hang of it, it is an awesome pool accessory. Highly recommend.
July 11, 20115/5stars 5.0

I love my pool float. It is like sitting on air and keeps you cool for hours in the pool. Way better than laying out in the heat. It will stick to drywall that has oil based paint so make sure you put a towel or pillow to protect it from the wall, does not stick to the stone floor which is great! lol I hope myfloat lasts at least 5 years, then I will be superhappy! It reclines in any position you want from flat to straight up to completely folded to store inside.
July 11, 20115/5stars 5.0

I LOVE my pool recliner. It was a little expensive but is the best pool chair I have ever found. I take good care of it so I hope it lasts long enough to be worth the high price. Your customer service was excellent and my product arrived quickly.
July 8, 20115/5stars 5.0

Everything wend off very smoothly, the chair was delivered promptly and without a hitch and was exactly what I had expected.
July 7, 20111/5stars 1.0

Was not pleased with the quality of pool chair for the money
July 3, 20115/5stars 5.0

My wife loved it. Outstanding quality. Johnny
June 27, 20111/5stars 1.0

Not durable. Purchased in Sept. Stored over the winter and already cracking. Manufacture will not respond to warranty issues. Too much for a disposable float.
June 24, 20115/5stars 5.0

My float was sent in the wrong color. You sent a Fed Ex man to pick it up at my house and I soon received the the color I ordered. It was courteously and efficiently expedited by Jorge Hernandez.
Thank you.
Great floats!
June 20, 20115/5stars 5.0

We received two adjustable recliners and are very pleased with them. They came fully assembled making it easy for we senior citizens to use immediately.
June 18, 20115/5stars 5.0

I am thrilled with my product and with how quickly it was delivered.
June 3, 20115/5stars 5.0

Very comfortable and it appears very well build .
May 27, 20115/5stars 5.0

I wanted a pool lounger to take on vacation with me to the lake. my grandson loved it he's 4.It worked out really well.I live in Florida and we go swimmimg often.Have not tried the pool yet,but will soon.Thanks for the fast service.will see you again soon. M.J.L.from Jax FL.
May 26, 20115/5stars 5.0

We have had 2 of these floats for years and love them. I purchased another one for a group to give as a gift to a friend with a new pool and she loves it!! Great product!
March 31, 20113/5stars 3.0

Package came with in a few days. Chair very well constructed, and very good looking. However all the pictures are of 105lb women. This chair is not for anyone over 200lbs much less 6'1 and 250. I sank right to the bottom of the pool.
Good for kids but not full grown adults.
September 15, 20105/5stars 5.0

I am enjoying my adjustable recliner very much. It seem to be made of very high quality. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
August 24, 20105/5stars 5.0

Useful, and keeps even heavy drinks and snacks above water, generally without tipping a bunch. Just be careful with big waves, or you're in trouble. Recommend!
August 24, 20105/5stars 5.0

Very versatile and comfortable. Well made. Fully adjustable from almost flat in the water to fully upright. We paid the big bucks for two of these and are not sorry. Every time we sit around the pool in these, we're very thankful we made the financial stretch to buy these.
August 9, 20105/5stars 5.0

Great product at the best price and delivered when promised.
August 9, 20104/5stars 4.0

The lounge is very comfortable and easy to adjust. I appreciate the quick turnaround of replacement for the original one I had purchased. The only disappointment was that I was told the returned lounge would be picked up but instead I had to bring to Fed Ex location for returning to Cozy Days1. For my trouble it would have been nice to have been given the drink holder as shown above for my trouble. Thank you though for your prompt service.
August 8, 20101/5stars 1.0

The adjustable recliner is a disappointment. The picture indicates that it will hold a person up out of the water and allow a drink to be held in the cup holder without it descending into the pool water. However, the reality is, even though I weigh 160 lbs., my waist to my upper thighs are under water and the cup holders are hovering just above the water, so that with any movement at all, they descend into the water. I would not buy another one and it was a waste of my money.
July 23, 20104/5stars 4.0

Very Comfy, easy to adjust, not quite as long as it looks in the photo. I got the coral color and it's a bit Pepto Bismal yucky. I would choose another color.
July 22, 20105/5stars 5.0

As advertised and quick shipping. My wife loves the lounge as do my two miniature daschshunds.
July 21, 20104/5stars 4.0

The float arrived fully assembled and ready to use. It works well. I wish the cup holders were deeper.
June 29, 20105/5stars 5.0

This is the most comfortable, attractive recliner we've ever owned. In fact, after we received the first two, we ordered two more! Very, very nice product.
June 2, 20103/5stars 3.0

I purchased this for a man. It is okay for a small woman - but not big enough for an average guy. Iam Very dissatisfied with lounger. It is VERY tippy and sinks when a 190# man gets into it. It was advertised as extra large and heavy duty. The back is also not tall enough to rest your head on.
The service and delivery were fine.
June 2, 20105/5stars 5.0

Great transaction! The Super Soft Adjustable Recliner was the lowest price and shipped quickly. Thanks so much!
June 2, 20105/5stars 5.0

Great quality product. Takes getting used to, seems like it will tip but it does not. Just have to find your balance. Great Bronze color matches our pool tile.
April 23, 20105/5stars 5.0

Love it, love it, love it! Rather expensive but would buy again!
August 24, 20094/5stars 4.0

These chairs take a little getting used to. If you're not careful, it's easy to tip yourself over. Very comfortable chair once you find your balance. Great for an afternoon nap floating in the pool.
August 21, 20095/5stars 5.0

These chairs are fabulous - sturdy and comfortable, and we love the way they are totally adjustable. Everyone that visits wants one for their own pool!
July 12, 20095/5stars 5.0

We bought two of this adjustable recliners based on the reviews of others and we have been very pleased so far. We have had them about a month and find them to be extremely comfortable. Being able to adjust the recliner to any angle is a very nice feature. Highly recommend.
July 8, 20095/5stars 5.0

We receoved our adjustable recliners for the pool and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Finally we can recline in comfort in the pool and have a place to put our drink and just totally relax.
July 2, 20095/5stars 5.0

Excellent experience. Received my float very quickly. Would buy here again.
June 13, 20092/5stars 2.0

This pool float is not made for somebody over 150 lbs..There is no way that I could use it in a up-right position. The female in the picture is probably 5'1" tall & 110 lbs..However CozyDays gave me no problem with the return policy. They were easy to deal with & I would have no problem buying other items from them.
May 18, 20095/5stars 5.0

Excellent product, comfortable, adjustable and good looking.
May 15, 20095/5stars 5.0

Very nice floating lounge. I am 52 years old and medium build. The lounge works just fine for me. My son is about 200 pounds, he loves it and he won't get off the chair. I guess I have to buy another one. Great product. I like the adjustable back part. Thanks.
February 2, 20095/5stars 5.0

thank you they are great
September 22, 20081/5stars 1.0

This float did not work at all. Very unstable, several people tried it of varied sizes and all had trouble staying upright. Also the cup holders sink under the water.
September 9, 20084/5stars 4.0

It takes awhile to get your balance, but we have decided that we like it. Just so the new floats, the water hammocks, would like to have some of these for next year.
July 28, 20084/5stars 4.0

We've found that when a heavier person uses it, the arms sink into the water and the whole float tends to want to tip over. You might want to redesign with larger arms that make it more buoyant. We do like the folding feature and the fact that there are no parts to rust.
July 20, 20082/5stars 2.0

I was not as impressed, for the amount of money I paid, with this recliner. It is hard to feel like you can ever sit up. I also get that unbalanced feeling, like if I move a certain way, I'm going to tip over. ( I have not though) It is also getting discolored and I do not leave it outside when it is not in use. I will keep it since I have nothing to compare it to. Maybe they are all like this???
July 7, 20085/5stars 5.0

The Super Soft Adjustable Recliner is very nice. I only hope it continues to stay in good shape. It's like having a living room recliner in the pool.
June 7, 20085/5stars 5.0

I ordered the Super Soft Adjustable Recliner as a gift for my mother-in-law. It was delivered promply which I appreciate. My complaint is that I was not able to add a gift card. In addition, there was no way for me ensure she did not see the price of the gift.
May 30, 20083/5stars 3.0

The chair leans too far back , since it has no adjustment the back should be about 3 inches higher.
May 17, 20085/5stars 5.0

Our family is very happy with the purchase of these loungers. we have been in the pool already.
March 14, 20085/5stars 5.0

Recliner is wonderful.Not swimming weather yet,but the recliner is so comfortable,soft,flexible,and folds up very easily. Takes up very little storage space.I can't wait to actually use it in the pool.I will be ordering more for my new pool.
October 1, 20075/5stars 5.0

Good quality floating chair. I like the fact that you can lay it flat and lie on it. I wish I got the white one. Coral is just too pinkish.
July 27, 20075/5stars 5.0

I bought this pool recliner (white) for my wife on her birthday, she loves it. Thank you customer service for guiding me to buy this pool float.
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