Palm Springs Luxury Pool Float A-PF9 Reviews

Palm Springs Luxury Pool Float A-PF9

Palm Springs Luxury Pool Float
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June 29, 20094/5stars 4.0

I first tried this floatie in Palm Springs, where the water was warm. It was fabulous. The water in my pool at home is quite a bit cooler. My only regret is that you are submerged in the water in your mid-area. If the water is cold, you will be cold also. I am 130 pounds and float quite nicely on the Palm Springs floatie. My boyfriend on the other hand is 220 lbs and six foot five inches tall. He pretty much sinks the thing under the water, except for the pillow. In retrospect, I would look for a thicker and longer float.
January 10, 20095/5stars 5.0

Nice color, very comfortable. I received it very fast. Product and company highly recommended.
October 21, 20085/5stars 5.0

Very nice and comfortable - kind of heavy and awkward to carry.
September 24, 20085/5stars 5.0

Awesome product and speedy delivery!!
August 2, 20085/5stars 5.0

Very nice job. Good pkging. Nice product.
July 26, 20085/5stars 5.0

Terrific product. It was a gift and the recipient (my son) gets pleasure out of it, as I do when I go to his house.
July 24, 20085/5stars 5.0

Customer service was fabulous. I received the float four days after I ordered it. Only comment. For people who are taller or slightly overweight, you may condider buying a larger float from this nice company.
July 20, 20085/5stars 5.0

Awesome! Got my floats withing 2 days. I love them. Very soft and comfortable.
July 13, 20082/5stars 2.0

Was somewhat disappointed after receiving my flloats. Ordered because of the 21/2 inc. depth but found that to be only on the very top. As the flloat contoured, iit also narrowed to 1 inch on bottom.
July 12, 20083/5stars 3.0

I ordered 2 of the Palm Springs Pool floats. When they arrived I wasn't too happy with the quality or design of the floats. I left an email back to cozy days but never received a response from them. Now they sent me this review to fill out so I am again stating I wasn't too happy with them.
Now after using them they aren't what I wanted but they are pretty good for the money that was spent. I was afraid of getting the ones with the loop as a pillow because of having bugs setteling inside the loop. This does not have that problem..So I guess they will work out fine.
June 19, 20085/5stars 5.0

A great product. I really like the contour shape, so much more comfortable than the regular flat pool float.
June 7, 20085/5stars 5.0

We received our floats a few days ago. I love the blue color and it matches our pool and furniture. These rafts are very soft and much more comfortable than you can imagine. Great for relaxation. Highly recomended.
April 17, 20085/5stars 5.0

I looove this float. It is very smooth to the touch. Comfortable for hours. I got the green color and it is just eye catching. I absolutely love it. Thanks.
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