Riviera Wet-Dry Inflatable Sunlounge PM83370 Reviews

Riviera Wet-Dry Inflatable Sunlounge PM83370

Riviera Wet-Dry Inflatable Sunlounge
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SKU: PM83370

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June 23, 20185/5stars 5.0

It went flat before I could write a review!
September 27, 20143/5stars 3.0

Could not use it- arrived way to late for season,
Products were not delieered for almost approx 2 months - had to call and find out where products were - not happy.
August 20, 20143/5stars 3.0

Ordered purple received blue with a leak. returned to company
July 29, 20142/5stars 2.0

I used this float for about a month before it started leaking air at the seam.I e-mailed the manufacturer Poolmaster about my problem. The reply was to take it back to where it was purchased or send it back to them and they would decide if it was a defect. I explained that I use a hand pump and it had not been overinflated.
I contacted CozyDays where I ordered it from and they are sending me another one today and do not have to send the defective one back.The service for CozyDays is excellent !!
April 30, 20141/5stars 1.0

It has a slow leak. Has never held air . I am very frustrated. Can't find the leak.
July 22, 20135/5stars 5.0

The Riviera Sunlounge is a great product.
It blows up very firm and conforms to your body, and at the same time gives you a perfect headrest.
Unlike most pool floats, it allows you not to have be be partially submerged in the pool itself.
While it can hold people of varying sizes & weights , it is 'optimal ' for people of average height with maximum of 170lbs.
CozyDays is a VERY trusted & great site to for all your outdoor products from!
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