Party Island Oasis

Party Island Oasis NT1557
  • Party Island Oasis NT1557

Product Description

Create your own island oasis for multi-person fun and relaxation. A little island retreat will go a long way in inviting your guests into the pool or spending good family time together. Featuring a padded center to lounge on and 6 holes to swim through or relax on, this tropical oasis is a full 77" in diameter and comes complete with pull rope. Made of strong, durable PVC material for years of enjoyment. Product dimensions: 77" diameter.

  • Product ID: 025608
  • SKU: NT1557
  • Brand: Blue Wave
  • Measures 77 in. diameter
  • Durable 12 gauge vinyl construction
  • Padded center area for lounging
  • Perfect for pool party entertainment
  • Tow rope included for increased mobility
  • Repair kit included

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