Inflatable Polar Bar™ Double Lounger PM85695 Reviews

Inflatable Polar Bar™ Double Lounger PM85695

Inflatable Polar Bar™ Double Lounger
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SKU: PM85695

Rated 3.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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June 18, 20132/5stars 2.0

The accompanying cooler is stained & filthy. Yuck...
June 27, 20121/5stars 1.0

Should have listened to reviews before i bought this, very true, to small for adults,(and no we're not fat),maybe good for kids, very thin material, developed a leak very quickly of coarse at a seem, with no roughplay or sharp objects, total rip-off for $80.00, DON'T BUY !!
September 22, 20115/5stars 5.0

The Inflatable Polar Bar™ Double Lounger is great for lake use as well as pool and is not as huge as you may think. One person can ease on and off without tipping the other over. The portable soft-sided round cooler in the center is handy just on its own. I recommend this floatie!
October 25, 20105/5stars 5.0

Excellent price and fast shipping. I had an issue with my float and they immediately sent another at no charge. I love these guys (and gals) and will order from them anytime I need pool accessories!
July 30, 20085/5stars 5.0

Lots of fun.
April 22, 20082/5stars 2.0

this is not at all what i thought it would be. it doesn't feel large enough for two adults and the material is very light. it's more for children than adults and that's what i will be using it for.
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