Black Large Universal Grill Cover PC1090 Reviews

Black Large Universal Grill Cover PC1090

Black Large Universal Grill Cover
Product ID: 000443
SKU: PC1090
Brand: Protective Covers

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May 6, 20184/5stars 4.0

The product (grill cover) was too big and that is why I returned it. First one I ordered was too small. The small one was made of much sturdier material than the large one I received and I was very disappointed in that feature, but still had to return it as it was much too big. Cozy Days is prompt in the order delivery, and giving the refund, so thank you Cozy Days for those features. Now if you would just have ALL your grill covers be made with the same sturdiness as the small one that didn't fit, it would be great. The large grill cover I had to return was not of the same quality as the small one.
Service in both ordering and delivery was very prompt. So was the refund.
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