60" Round Table 6 HB/ST Chairs Patio Furniture Cover PC1349 Reviews

60" Round Table 6 HB/ST Chairs Patio Furniture Cover PC1349

60" Round Table 6 HB/ST Chairs Patio Furniture Cover
Product ID: 000431
SKU: PC1349
Brand: Protective Covers

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
13 reviews

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March 17, 20145/5stars 5.0

Received the large Table cover quickly and well packaged. This is the third one I have purchased through Cozy Days and I believe each was from a different manufacturer. This one has it right - It fits over the table and the chairs and has enough fall to almost touch the deck which I like. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this cover!! Now to see how well it lasts in the weather.
January 23, 20134/5stars 4.0

I purchased this cover a few months ago after looking for a cover to fit a 60" table and 6 swivel rocker chairs. It's slightly too long but works well for my patio set. I would recommend.
December 16, 20115/5stars 5.0

I am very satisfied with the product. Perfect size and quality for my needs. Took a bit longer to arrive than expected. Thanks for asking.
June 10, 20115/5stars 5.0

Not very satisfied. The water come through the seams. It has more than one seam too! Hopefully it will work in the winter when it's suppose to keep snow off set.
November 28, 20105/5stars 5.0

The covers I ordered were delivered promptly and exactly as described. These covers seem to be a very good value.
November 24, 20105/5stars 5.0

I will better be able to review once the winter has passed. That being said the cover is of good quality and is living up to expectations.
June 16, 20103/5stars 3.0

the quality is good but the cover definitely needs some longer velcro ties. The HB chairs make the cover form a "pit" over the table which holds entirely too much water. If the velcro fastners were useable, I might be able to fasten the cover so this weren't shuch a big problem. That pit (about 15 inches from top of HB chair to tabletop) holds an awful lot of water/snow/you name it that is difficult, at best, to remove. This might work for LB chairs but I don't recommend it for HB chairs!
July 10, 20095/5stars 5.0

The product is good and as advertised. I am very happy with what I got. I do have a few suggestions for improvement to the design. I have found no products with these improvements anywhere, so this is not specific to this product.
1) I would use better velcro on the holding straps. Even a light wind was enough to tear the velcro strips from each other. I was able to fix this by wrapping the strap once or twice around the chair support before fastening.
2) I would add small drain holes where the cover would droop between the chairs. This would allow rain water to escape. As it is now, water pools in these areas and puts a strain on the cover. It seems over a short time the fabric would weaken from the weight and the chair tops would poke thru the fabric.
May 11, 20095/5stars 5.0

60" Round Table + 6 Chairs Patio Furniture Cover fit very well and stays on nicely. It is a nice product for a good price. Just as advertised!
January 14, 20095/5stars 5.0

Great! I bought this to cover my SQUARE fire pit table/chairs and it works perfectly. Delivery was prompt and just as described.
December 15, 20085/5stars 5.0

Great product--heavy duty and fits well. Good quality and value.
December 8, 20085/5stars 5.0

Prefect fit!
November 17, 20085/5stars 5.0

The cover fits my table and chairs just right. I live on the water with lots of wind I will let you know how it holds up over our harsh winters. It would of been nice if they made chaise covers to match. My chaise chairs are 30" wide I did not want to chance ordering your available size.
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