Square Folding Table ISP770 Reviews

Square Folding Table ISP770

Square Folding Table
Product ID: 001256
Brand: Siesta

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
5 reviews

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February 26, 20155/5stars 5.0

This table fits very well on our balcony.It is lightweight, folds away, and can take the outdoor Florida weather well.
June 25, 20144/5stars 4.0

Overall the quality of the table was good however assembly was somewhat confusing and the measurements were not as specified.
Delivered on time.
May 10, 20125/5stars 5.0

I love the table and the service was excellent!
February 17, 20125/5stars 5.0

great table and service. will use your service again.
November 14, 20115/5stars 5.0

I haven't used the table yet... don't laugh when you read what I bought it for! I looked all over online for a very sturdy square or round folding, waterproof table that I could stand in my huge walk in shower to wash my 2 Standard Poodles during the winter months! Summer and autumn when the water is warm enough to wash them outside I have a very heavy cast aluminum table that doesn't wobble... but winters were a hell, having to bend over in the bathtub or shower washing them... which really hurts my back after a while of bending! Your table seems VERY stable, is waterproof, and won't wobble (VERY important) I might have to buy some anti-slip bathtub adhesive strips to put on the table top... but since the top is already slightly surfaced, it might not be slippery when wet. I wash my dogs ever week year round... they go to the groomers every 6 weeks for a full groom, but the other 5 weeks I'm washing them myself... Thanks so much for what seems to be an excellent product!! Very practical, strong, sturdy, and waterproof!! I'm sure I will have YEARS of pleasure using it!
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