Outdoor Furniture Set - Tangor 3-Piece

Outdoor Furniture Set - Tangor 3-Piece M06813
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  • Outdoor Furniture Set - Tangor 3-Piece
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  • Product ID: 000314
  • SKU: M06813

Product Description

Tangor outdoor patio furniture comfort set with two multiposition chairs and a rectangle coffee table. Tangor serves as a high end adjustable resin chair. Heavy, massive molding construction. Chairs adjustable to 4 positions and fold up for storage. Resin outdoor furniture is extremely durable for hot sun and harsh weather conditions. Maintenance free. Stays cool to the touch under hot sun. Outdoor pool furniture set of two multiposition chairs and one rectangle coffee table. Made in Europe. Cushions sold separately. All cushions are custom made in USA and require 2 weeks for shipment.

  • Product ID: 000314
  • SKU: M06813
  • Material: Resin
  • Style: Affordable, European, Functional, Modern, Pool, Exclusive, Commercial
  • Set: 2 Multiposition Chairs & 1 Coffee Table
  • Chair Dimensions: 24" x 38" x 39" Weight: 25 Lbs
  • Table Dimensions: 28" x 21" x 14" Weight: 13 Lbs
  • Weather and UV resistant.
  • Easy cleaning and Maintenance Free.
  • Resistant to suntan oils, chlorine and saltwater.
  • Made in Europe. Cushions made in USA.

Set includes:

2  x  Tangor Multiposition Outdoor Patio Chair M.42.068Tangor Multiposition Outdoor Patio Chair
Product ID: 000026   SKU: M.42.068
1  x  Dalanki Outdoor Coffee Table M.42.082Dalanki Outdoor Coffee Table
Product ID: 000050   SKU: M.42.082

Latest Customer Reviews

Outdoor Furniture Set - Tangor 3-Piece M06813
January 16, 20165/5 stars 5.0
N. S. from Ford City, PA
This is the BEST set ever!! Chairs are very well made, very comfortable and very sturdy. The table is sturdy and just the right size. I am always getting compliments on the whole set. I would recommend this Tangor 3-piece set to anyone! VERY NICE PRODUCT!!!!!!!!
December 19, 20125/5 stars 5.0
T. H. from Sarasota, FL
We bought the chairs after trying the Tangor set that our neighbors bought. We are using them in our boat & they work out perfectly. Love the 3 positions. They are easy to clean, very comfortable & they fold up easily.
May 29, 20125/5 stars 5.0
B. S. from Ellington, CT
the chairs were easy to adjust-comfortable and the table is just the right size
June 12, 20115/5 stars 5.0
G. H. from Key West, FL
Perfect set for outdoors. I needed heavy and durable outdoor chairs and these look like they are the best out there. Chairs are heavy and wind won't knock them down. No assembly needed, and easy to change positions. They came in separate boxes. I'm glad I made this purchase.
August 18, 20103/5 stars 3.0
G. T. from Chelmsford, MA
I like the look and feel of the furniture set. It is not inexpensive and is, at least out of the box, a nice set. Unfortunately the first thing that I had to do was to FIX every chair. All the "skids" at the bottom of each leg were either misaligned, or falling out. That's not good. Obviously there is NO QUALITY INSPECTION before shipping. the skids on my older Tango chairs were firmly inserted and made of a more substantive material. Fixing four brand new chairs took about an hour. If you want to knwo how I did it you can contact me. The chairs seem a litle lighter than the old ones. I am curious so I will weigh them. They are, however, just as comfortable to sit in and recline in. Will they wear as well as the ones I have had for over 15 years with no problems? We'll see. I hope the loose foot skids are the only quality drawback at this price.

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