Zac Classic Resin Folding Dining Chair White NR-40324 Reviews

Zac Classic Resin Folding Dining Chair White NR-40324

Zac Classic Resin Folding Dining Chair White
Product ID: 020638
SKU: NR-40324
Brand: Nardi

Rated 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
3 reviews

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February 2, 20174/5stars 4.0

The material is excellent. not just a coating. The chairs are stable and comfortable. I like my original French Resin bistro chairs better via looks but these are the best I think that is available now. Definitely the European made chairs are better.
excellent shipped in a timely fashion
December 14, 20155/5stars 5.0

Comfortable folding chair with clever mechanism. Perfect for our needs as we can hang them (with large rubber bands to hold them closed) and easily set them up for guests and they sturdy and attractive.
Handled issue with one chair being a different color (the box was marked wrong) by sending a correct one out and letting us keep the wrong one.
November 20, 20133/5stars 3.0

I believe that this chair is rather overpriced. since I purchased it, I have seen others that are easier to un-fold, and are priced much lower. the unfolding aspect is not that easy and has a good chance of pinching ones' fingers.
It arrived quickly and looked as it did in the ad.
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