Sunshine Marina Resin Arm Chair White ISP016-WHI Reviews

Sunshine Marina Resin Arm Chair White ISP016

Sunshine Marina Resin Arm Chair White
Product ID: 000785
Brand: Siesta

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
21 reviews

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July 31, 20185/5stars 5.0

The chairs were excellent. Very comfortable and attractive.
CozyDays is an exceptional company with respect to service and an easy to use web site.
April 17, 20155/5stars 5.0

This truly is a high end resin chair - they are most comfortable and the seating is perfect for my legs, not too deep & to be exact, the seating cuts right at the place where your knees bent, and is high enough to where both your feet touch the floor and are not left dangling...totally correct seating in 45 degree angles. A physical therapist would definitely approve of such a chair. Then, i bought chair pads which are okay but i like the chairs sooo much, i did not really need to buy them, but they look nicer for contrast with the latte color of the chair. Thank you Cozy Days, this was a five star buy...
Cozy Days came through and the chairs were perfectly stacked, protected and stacked in a box - they arrived on time and in perfect condition. I could not be happier ... Thank you Cozy Days, this was a ***** FIVE STAR PURCHASE*****
March 6, 20155/5stars 5.0

Good product and is perfect for the outside sitting area of my shop.
CozyDays delivered this very promptly. This was not the original chair I ordered but they called me to tell me that this one was available at the same price. That is the service I appreciate. The previous company I ordered from did not provide that service and kept pushing out my delivery date. Cost me a month. Glad I found CozyDays!
October 2, 20145/5stars 5.0

The chairs were better than we expected. And after looking online for the same product in other stores we got them for about 40% less.. I was very happy with our purchase.
May 7, 20144/5stars 4.0

I really liked the chairs - my only comment would be that the chair seats are much more narrow than I would have thought. If you are a large man or on the heavy side, I don't think the chair would be very comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. Secondly, some of the chairs came with the bottom leg protectors missing, which made the chairs sit unevenly. Cozy Days was so fast to resolve this issue for me!! When I called customer service and reported the problem, I had the necessary parts shipped to me almost overnight! I was so happy with their customer service that I would definitely order from Cozy Days again with no hesitation! Good company to deal with!
April 23, 20145/5stars 5.0

Love these chairs. We got them for our beach house to use on the deck along with the table. The chairs are very comfortable and are high enough to be able to see over the deck rail so you can enjoy the ocean view.
Arrived as acknowledged.
April 21, 20145/5stars 5.0

The chairs are great - practical, sturdy and yet comfortable and look good. The seat doesn't show up in the pic and is a little narrow, but it doesn't affect the comfort factor.
Everything arrived as expected and on time - the chairs were well protected and there were no issues that needed to be resolved post delivery. We set them up and had dinner on the porch that night.
September 15, 20134/5stars 4.0

I chose these chairs because I'm a big fellow and wanted a substantial chair for the balcony of my new apartment. The stackable feature made the four chairs a great choice. After moving in I realized I was going to hold off on a sofa and recliner and would press these new chairs into indoor service. Some inexpensive cushions made them work just fine for myself and my first house guests! Definitely worth the $ and they arrived quickly! I am quite satisfied!!!
March 7, 20135/5stars 5.0

My chairs arrived today--packaged well and in great shape. They are perfect! The resin is substantial. The chair is so comfortable. I couldn't be more pleased. Can't wait to bring them to our beach house when the weather warms up. A BIG thanks to customer service. Someone actually went to measure a chair to see how many inches off the floor it was.
December 25, 20125/5stars 5.0

Super high quality. Love these chairs. I wish they came in pairs. I would order two more. Don't need four more.
Super fast delivery. I was shocked by how fast they arrived! Thank you.
June 24, 20124/5stars 4.0

Chairs are holding up well under the conditions in our pool
May 21, 20124/5stars 4.0

Very nice material on the chairs. Seats are a little smaller than my other chairs so pads don't fit perfectly but will be ok. Very comfortable and look like they will clean up great.
April 23, 20125/5stars 5.0

Delighted with the service, and the chairs!
thank you!
January 9, 20114/5stars 4.0

We will know more of this chair's integrity within the next several months. However, there is a concern with the inside width and depth of the seat. We are inclined to believe that a 24" x 24" (Inside Dimensions) would be more suitable for particular clients. Do you sell this type of armchair with the above dimensions?
Thanks and have a great day.
December 16, 20105/5stars 5.0

September 19, 20105/5stars 5.0

I'm very pleased with both the quality of this chair and the service from CozyDays. The chair seat is designed with a slight slope toward the back, which is very comfortable. I made a point of picking a chair with horizontal back slats because I think they're more comfortable than vertical slats, and I'm happy I did. The arms are just low enough so that the chair will slide under my glass-topped patio table. I had started looking for some kind of protective bottom for the legs so they wouldn't scratch my porch/deck floor, but was happily surprised to see that the chairs come with protective leg bottoms. The only thing which was not 100% to my satisfaction, is that the chair is a slightly more mustardy color than the shade of brown (cafe latte) than I thought it would be. Otherwise, I'm very satisfied.
September 4, 20095/5stars 5.0

Great transaction. Love the chairs. They seem to be sturdy and exactly what I needed.
November 20, 20085/5stars 5.0

These are quality chairs and worth it. Stackable to six is best and very comfortable.
July 18, 20085/5stars 5.0

Wow!! Product arrived on time, was exactly what I expected or better and when delivery co. damaged, cozy days replaced it no questions asked. Will defenitley buy again from this company. Thanks so much!!!
April 24, 20085/5stars 5.0

This is a sturdy, comfortable chair that has good lines and can be used in a contemporary setting.
October 26, 20075/5stars 5.0

Gentlemen, I ordered 4 Marina armchairs from you last Friday.The chairs arrived yesterday and are fabulous,high quality, great finish & look better than the picture on the website.It has been a pleasure doing business with you.If I or my friends & neighbours need resin furniture and good service we will come back to Cozy Days. Thanks a lot.
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