Estanza Resin Lawn Chair M.42.080 Reviews

Estanza Resin Lawn Chair M.42.080

Estanza Resin Lawn Chair
Product ID: 000091
SKU: M.42.080
Brand: Evolutif

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
16 reviews

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August 13, 20155/5stars 5.0

The chairs were a gift to my husband. They arrived on his birthday which was great! We use them as lagoon chairs in our pool and they are perfect for this purpose. Very well built and super comfortable. We love them!!
November 25, 20145/5stars 5.0

Great chair...well built and useful. I wanted a study chair that wouldn't topple over or blow away. It's very comfortable and attractive. High quality. Very pleased.
June 1, 20145/5stars 5.0

The chair is so well built and super comfortable. It is also the perfect size for my rooftop deck on my floating home.
Everything about the purchase was super easy and the chairs arrived timely and in perfect condition.
May 15, 20145/5stars 5.0

Although we think the chairs are a little pricey, we are really enjoying our chairs. They are sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable! We called in the order and received the chairs 5 days later. Wonderful experience.
July 30, 20134/5stars 4.0

Very comfortable and sturdy. Reason they did not get a 5 star is the arm rests
Could be longer
Very nice product
July 30, 20135/5stars 5.0

Love these chairs! They are so comfortable and very sturdy. We rented a place that had these many years ago and I have looked for them a long time. The ability to change the position of the back to recline is perfect for drinking our morning coffee or for star gazing at night.
We were told we would receive these in "8" weeks. Which is exactly how long it took. Just wish the delivery time had been quicker.
November 16, 20125/5stars 5.0

Love these chairs on the end of the dock. Very comfortable and very pretty
July 5, 20125/5stars 5.0

These chairs are perfect for the end of our dock. They are heavy enough to resist being blown over and are very comfortable. They seem to stay very clean for some reason unknown to me also.
May 9, 20115/5stars 5.0

This company makes the most comfortable outdoor funiture. With a little care you can get well over a decade of use.
March 2, 20115/5stars 5.0

We have employed the regular use of these sturdy deck chairs around our pool, and they have been in place for close to ten years now. Our maintenance guy actually broke one by throwing it too hard into the storage and that is the only chair we've had to replace in all that time.
August 7, 20105/5stars 5.0

The BEST pool side chair ever!!!!!! I have to buy 3 more so my kids don't sit in mine.
January 11, 20095/5stars 5.0

This chair is a fabulous option for outdoor use. We leave them out all year round at our beach home on the Outer Banks, and they remain in perfect condition after several years. Not the least bit chalky like less substantial chairs. They are a bit more expensive than other options, but worth every penny.
July 13, 20085/5stars 5.0

I have had these chairs outdoors for more than 12 years. With a little soap and water annually they always look brand new.
July 1, 20075/5stars 5.0

Fine lounging chair. We bought 2 of them and spend our weekends glued to these chairs. Thanks.
April 1, 20075/5stars 5.0

Best chair I have seen for our deck. We love them. All our friends love them. We will be ordering the side tables soon. Great products great service.
March 28, 20075/5stars 5.0

We have had these chairs for 5 years and they are awesome. They are still like new. very comfortable chairs.
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