Modern Teak Patio Garden Bench 72 inch CA-50125 Reviews

Modern Teak Patio Garden Bench 72 inch CA-50125

Modern Teak Patio Garden Bench 72 inch
Product ID: 002701
SKU: CA-50125
Brand: Caluco

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April 12, 20105/5stars 5.0

The bench is 72" long and made of nearly unblemished teak, but no one will accuse you of owning an old-growth bench. The back is canted back and the seat is dished. It comes with a seat cushion not mentioned on the website or shown in any of the photos. The color choices at the bottom of the order page are meant to select a color for the cushion. The bench itself arrives in five pieces. The assembly instructions are wordless, consisting only of a handful of small and cryptic pictures. More usefully, there are arrows taped on the bench pieces: put the arrows on the same end and all should be well. Dry assembly is strongly recommended to make sure you have settled on a workable assembly sequence. As far as I can tell, I did not follow the sequence shown in the instructions. The screws provided are ordinary drywall screws, not stainless steel. The buyer will want to pay careful attention to where screws should be installed and where the provided pegs go. I was shorted a couple pegs but as a former professional woodworker this was not a problem. The joinery all fits very loosely, but I had plenty of clamps to help with assembly. The loose fit makes assembly on a flat surface and inspection of the joints critical before screws are sent home. The provided two-part glue was completely dried out in its containers, so I used an expanding waterproof glue and am very satisfied with the results. Overall, the result is a very solid and comfortable bench that I expect will remain so for many years.
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