Ultrasoft Pool Saddle

Ultrasoft Pool Saddle SS85901
Ultrasoft Pool Saddle SS85901Ultrasoft Pool Saddle SS85901Ultrasoft Pool Saddle SS85901Ultrasoft Pool Saddle SS85901
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Ultrasoft Pool Saddle

Ultrasoft pool saddle float is a saddle shaped floating chair. Made of soft, durable, vinyl-coated foam. Gives freedom of arms and legs for paddling around in lake, pool or ocean. Great for aquatic therapy and water fitness workouts. Can also be used outside the pool as a cushion seat, which makes it great for carrying to sports events. Dimensions: 21" x 21" with 1.5" thickness. Available only in blue and coral. Made in USA.

Sales person says: Simple but miraculously buoyant. You basically sit on it and then enjoy the seated position. Great product. Pool saddle is now offered in blue and coral colors.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Aug 1, 2016,
Awesome product, simply extremely easy to use, bought 2 years ago, just bout 2 more because everyone wants to use the saddle seats! Perfect for floating/boating, you are sitting up and can converse and navigate quickly and easily in the water. Love these!

1/5starsOn Nov 6, 2015,
If I could have rated this a zero I would have. It is near impossible to use, it kept flipping and knocking me off. I am elderly and wanted something to give me some float rather than just using a big float or chair. This is no a useful product. It now sits in my garage after 3 attempts to use it and will likely stay there until I get around to putting it in the trash

5/5starsOn Oct 7, 2015,
This is great! Hands free floating and so relaxing! fast easy service

4/5starsOn Sep 1, 2015,
We have had these saddles for years and added three more this year. With rough or extended wear, they can tear, but in general - great product.

5/5starsOn Aug 31, 2015,
This is my second saddle. Because of shoulder surgery several years ago and back problems, I can no longer swim or walk. This saddle is a wonderful way for me to get some quality exercise by pumping my legs and waving my arms.

Available Color Options
  • Bahama Blue
    Bahama Blue
  • Caribbean Coral
    Caribbean Coral
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