Super Soft Pool Float

Super Soft Pool Float SS80100
Super Soft Pool Float SS80100Super Soft Pool Float SS80100Super Soft Pool Float SS80100
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Super Soft Pool Float

Unsinkable Super Soft foam pool float. Made from permanently buoyant closed cell foam coated with heat processed vinyl. Very luxurious and comfortable swimming pool float. Made from 2" thick foam. Soft and permanently buoyant. This float is made of honey-comb closed cell foam. Full circle pillow provides extra buoyancy in the head area and is fully reversable. Pool float has quilted texture on one side, smooth surface on the other. Extra large for added comfort. Super Soft pool floats available four colors. Dimensions: 72" L x 26" W x 2" T. Made in USA.

Sales person says: Supersoft pool float is one of our top sellers of all time. We highly recommend it for comfort seekers. **All vinyl dipped pool floats have minor imperfections due to the manual vinyl dipping process and cooling. These imperfections do not hurt the buoyancy of the float because the foam is Closed Cell and won't absorb water. All vinyl pool floats are made by hand in the USA. **


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Nov 2, 2016,
The float was perfect and was a great gift for our friends new pool and she loved it.. It arrived as was stated during hurriccane Mathew. great job well done..

5/5starsOn Oct 8, 2015,
I love the float. It's just what we wanted. The color white was very important to us.

5/5starsOn Jul 27, 2015,
Super buoyant, very nice looking. I bought 2 for a condominium pool that sees a lot of vacation rental activity - not recommended for heavy use - 3 weeks in already seeing cracks - but I knew that going in.

1/5starsOn Jun 4, 2015,
The good news was WHITE, and I always wanted a WHITE float....but the bad news is that it was a substandard product for a high price....I got a much better made float @ Costco for $99...but it isn't WHITE. After several "go rounds" with Customer service my issue was resolved...

5/5starsOn Apr 15, 2015,
Great product. Buying a 3rd one - the others are still good after years.

Available Color Options
  • Bahama Blue
    Bahama Blue
  • Kool Lime Green
    Kool Lime Green
  • Orange Breeze
    Orange Breeze
  • White
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