Super Soft Adjustable Recliner

Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000
Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000Super Soft Adjustable Recliner SS64000
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Super Soft Adjustable Recliner

Super Soft adjustable recliner is a very functional pool float lounge. Adjustable floating chair can be used as a full length float, an upright chair or a multiposition recliner. All you have to do is to adjust using the knobs provided on the sides. Double thick layers of soft vinyl coated foam with an internal steel frame creates unmatched stability. No more sinking too deep in the water or strugling to remain upright. Back rest folds forward for easy storage. Luxury features are a built in headrest, extra wide seat, oversized arms and two recessed beverage holders. Made with easy to clean vinyl coated foam. Adjusts to any position from fully folded to sitting, reclining and full horizontal. available in 5 colors. Made in USA.

Sales person says: This is our only pool lounge that offers back adjustment. Pool lounge has 2 knobs on each side which you can adjust the back incline any time. Unlike other pool chairs and lounges that only has 1 seated position this lounge can be adjusted to multiple positions. **All vinyl dipped pool floats have minor imperfections due to the manual vinyl dipping process and cooling. These imperfections do not hurt the buoyancy of the float because the foam is Closed Cell and won't absorb water. All vinyl pool floats are made by hand in the USA. **


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Jun 20, 2017,
Perfect product. As pictured, quality materials. All service as promised. I give it an A.

5/5starsOn Jan 24, 2017,
Husband hasn't been able to use the pool lounger yet because it has been too cold. He really likes it though and he is looking forward to trying it out. I had good and helpful service.

3/5starsOn Dec 26, 2016,
I searched for quite a while for what I thought would be the perfect pool float. After researching this product and reading the reviews, was hopefult this would be it. I purchased two, not an inexpensive buy. I'm sorry to say, they're just "all right" IMHO. They are quite tippy, it's virtually impossible to keep a drink in the holder without spilling and I'm leary as to how long the teeth that hold the reclining back in place will last, since they're quite small & plastic. In summary, not a bad product but definitely not worth the price, to me.

5/5starsOn Aug 29, 2016,
I spend a lot of time in my pool and was tired of changing floats depending on whether I wanted to sit up or lay down. Some put you completely in the water or not in the water at all. Inflatable rafts are nice for storage but blow away if left outside. I have been looking at this chair for a while but wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much. All it took was one time on it and I will never be without this chair again! It is very easy to adjust, roll over etc... I'm in the water enough to stay cooled off when it's hot, but not submerged when it's cooler out. Hands down the best raft I've ever had in 25 years.

5/5starsOn Jul 23, 2016,
Very happy with the quality of the adjustable recliner. It is a wonderful value for the price and quality. We ended up buying a 2nd when we saw the first one purchased. Free shipping is outstanding. very pleased

Available Color Options
  • Bahama Blue
    Bahama Blue
  • Bronze
  • Caribbean Coral
    Caribbean Coral
  • Marina Blue
    Marina Blue
  • Tropical Teal
    Tropical Teal
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