78" Double Chaise Lounge Cover

78" Double Chaise Lounge Cover PC1161
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78" Double Chaise Lounge Cover

78 inches long by 54 inches wide double chaise lounge cover. Accomodates double chaise lounges. Covers for patio furniture are totally waterproof and have been UV treated to last years outdoors. Vinyl is soft and rich to the touch and will add luxury to your patio while protecting your furniture investment. Use them under Rain, Snow, Hot Summer sun or Harsh Winter with sub zero temperatures. Dimensions: 78" long x 54" wide w/18-30" slope. 3 Years Manufacturer's Prorated Warranty.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Feb 1, 2017,
the cover fits well and is a nice thick material.

3/5starsOn Mar 30, 2016,
Good for about 18 months, that's all you will get out of this if left outside everyday. This cover does have quality to it and has protected our Double Chase very well from the sun and storms but after being in the south facing sun everyday and dealing with two Nebraska winter's it's about done. The vinyl is completely cracked and flaking off and one of the velcro straps fell off.

5/5starsOn Dec 1, 2014,
Excellent cover. This was the best I purchased so far. Would repurchase in the future. Excellent .

4/5starsOn May 9, 2014,
Seems fine, just a little big. Test will be how long it lasts because most don't last long. Prompt

5/5starsOn Nov 9, 2012,
The lounge cover fits perfectly. This will be our first time leaving the lounge outside. I'm confident that the cover will do well during the winter months.

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  • Tan
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