Snow Bird Sled Blaze Red

Snow Bird Sled Blaze Red ES330-01
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Snow Bird Sled Blaze Red

The pull-style of the Snow Bird Sled Blaze Red by Eurosled is perfect for younger passengers. Its single rider will turn heads with the vibrant red color, while its broad body gives extra control and straight tracking for hard snow conditions. Its steel-tined levers feature no-slip plastic grips that provide drag steering and effective braking so the little ones will be protected from speeding accidents down those hills. Pull them back to the top of the slope with an attached pull line and watch them laugh in delight as they fly down the hill!


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5/5starsOn Jan 6, 2015,
Both are excellent! I have learned a hard lesson - namely not to order any large products online that I might have to return. I would have liked to return the Snow Bird Sled because the grandchild for whom it was intended received 2! sleds from Santa. Santa goofed! To return it to you would cost me more than the price of the sled. So you won, short term; but I will just have to force myself back to stores for the big stuff.

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