Stockpot & Lid - 24 Qt Stainless Steel

Stockpot & Lid - 24 Qt Stainless Steel BY1024
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Stockpot & Lid - 24 Qt Stainless Steel

Stockpot & lid - 24 Qt stainless steel. These pots are made of 304 stainless steel. They are great for your indoor or outdoor chef, and they are one of the most versatile pots on the market. It is 12.5" diameter and 12" high. It has a 24 Qt capacity. It also has a thickness of 20 gauge steel and comes with a vented lid.


Latest Customer Reviews

1/5starsOn Oct 1, 2015,
I'm very disappointed with the customer service at Cozy Days! I bought this pot as a stock pot, to cook stews and sauces and soups in (what you would use a stockpot for) but the bottom of the pot is so thin that everything burns. Even with the burner on low, and with stirring every 3-5 minutes, the contents constantly burn. In minutes, the bottom is solid black. The pan is basically unusable for anything other than clear liquids, because of the thin bottom. I called the manufacturer and they said the pot I needed was one with a triple thick bottom, so I called Cozy Days and asked to exchange the pot for that one, but they refused because I had used the pot. That they will only exchange products that have been unused. But until I used it, I couldn't have known that it would burn so badly. Cozy Days seemed unconcerned about this, or my experience, and refused any exchange. I paid $69 for this pot, and I'm stuck with it, but it can only be used to boil water. Very disappointed with the Cozy Days customer service!

5/5starsOn Jan 30, 2013,
We love our new pot We love our new pot

5/5starsOn Feb 22, 2010,
We are very pleased with the pot.

5/5starsOn Nov 21, 2009,
Its a great product. I will be buying from them again for sure.

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