Mega Mambo Towable Tube

Mega Mambo Towable Tube RS02367
Mega Mambo Towable Tube RS02367Mega Mambo Towable Tube RS02367Mega Mambo Towable Tube RS02367

Mega Mambo Towable Tube

We've increased the size from our traditional Mambo to make the Mega Mambo Towable Tube a flying machine that comfortably fitting up to 4 riders. This tube is sleek, fast, and quick to plane as well as easily towed by all watercraft. An oversized anti-chafe guard is ergonomically positioned for maximum elbow protection. The swept wing design provides excellent stability in all water conditions and enables riders to stay on the tube even on the fastest turns and biggest waves. With the twin rear boarding straps you'll be back on and riding in no time. If you're a seasoned towable rider and extreme enthusiast, the Mega Mambo boat towable won't disappoint!

Sales person says: If you think you've already been on the wildest tube ride of your life, then you haven't tried the RAVE Sports Mega Mambo boat towable! Take your tubing experience to the EXTREME!


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