Razor Towable Tube

Razor Towable Tube RS02265
Razor Towable Tube RS02265Razor Towable Tube RS02265Razor Towable Tube RS02265Razor Towable Tube RS02265

Razor Towable Tube

The Razor tube is easily towed by all types of watercraft, and features a rear boarding strap and low profile for easy rider boarding and high maneuverability. Hold tight onto the four foam-filled handles with Neoprene knuckle guards as you ride this steerable "trick style" tube. You can be sure it's going to look great for a long time with the stay-brite technology that repels dirt, water, and provides color fastness. This towable is ready for action with a Skim-fast™ bottom that responds quickly to wakes and waves, creating a dynamic and exciting ride!

Sales person says: A quick, nimble and light performance "trick" tube that provides all day action!


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