Diablo Towable Tube

Diablo Towable Tube RS02318
Diablo Towable Tube RS02318Diablo Towable Tube RS02318Diablo Towable Tube RS02318

Diablo Towable Tube

Hang on for the ride of your life with the RAVE Sports Diablo towable! Riders are kept in place with the built-in centrifugal force deterrents which provide fewer stops and less fuel consumed overall. With a unique tapered profile, foam-filled handles with Neoprene knuckle guards, and rear boarding strap, this towable offers a great ride with trustworthy, convenient stability. The Diablo inflatable towable tube is the perfect addition to all of your water toys!

Sales person says: The Diablo provides added stability on a unique tapered "D" shaped tube that will give you the ride of your life!


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