Sixty Teak Patio Dining Chair with Cushion

Sixty Teak Patio Dining Chair with Cushion CA-50-91
Sixty Teak Patio Dining Chair with Cushion CA-50-91Sixty Teak Patio Dining Chair with Cushion CA-50-91
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Sixty Teak Patio Dining Chair with Cushion

Modern teak patio dining chair with cushion. Made with kiln-dried, grade a teak wood. Modern and simple design. Teak wood is natural and suitable for outdoors. Requires regular teak wood maintenance. Chairs come assembled. Cushions are made of Sunbrella fabric and available in multiple colors. Seat cushions are 2 inch thick. Price includes seat cushion.


Latest Customer Reviews

4/5starsOn Sep 21, 2015,
The chair is good for the price compared to other similar chairs, but be warned that the wood quality is a bit mediocre. I received a light natural teak sample chip directly from Caluco, the manufacturer, and the chairs are a bit darker and oilier/waxier feeling and do not match. I have some other new teak furniture that these go with from a different manufacturer which came with a lighter, smoother finish, but I will observe that the grain on those raised after a very, very light drizzle and overnight fog whereas the Caluco chairs were not similarly affected. Maybe the Caluco wood is just denser material, or it's the drying process - who knows. The other odd thing is that the cushion doesn't attach to the frame and in fact has a tendency to slip and slide as one scoots in and out while sitting on it. I would have preferred bolts or something from Caluco, but maybe they have their reasons that I'm just not getting at first glance. I would definitely not pay anywhere near the full retail price Caluco is asking, but the CozyDays price is reasonable. The chairs themselves are quite large (both the seat height and area of the seat) and work perfectly for my application at an outdoor dining table. Good service from CozyDays. These are drop-ship from Caluco, so don't believe the "in stock" label on the website; they may or may not be delayed (and mine were, for two months, though they ultimately shipped earlier than that so they were only really one month delayed).

Available Color Options
  • Antique Beige 5422
    Antique Beige 5422
  • Bravada Salsa 5601
    Bravada Salsa 5601
  • Bristol Dusk 56058
    Bristol Dusk 56058
  • Bristol Paprika -56055
    Bristol Paprika -56055
  • Bristol Pistachio -56056
    Bristol Pistachio -56056
  • Canvas Black 5408
    Canvas Black 5408
  • Canvas Canvas 5453
    Canvas Canvas 5453
  • Canvas Henna 5407
    Canvas Henna 5407
  • Canvas Macaw 5429
    Canvas Macaw 5429
  • Canvas Natural 5404
    Canvas Natural 5404
  • Canvas Parrot 5405
    Canvas Parrot 5405
  • Canvas Pistachio 5490
    Canvas Pistachio 5490
  • Canvas Spa 5413
    Canvas Spa 5413
  • Canvas Tangerine 5406
    Canvas Tangerine 5406
  • Canvas Teak 5488
    Canvas Teak 5488
  • Canvas Terracotta 5440
    Canvas Terracotta 5440
  • Davidson Redwood 5606
    Davidson Redwood 5606
  • Dimone Sequoia 8031
    Dimone Sequoia 8031
  • Dorsett Cherry -56059
    Dorsett Cherry -56059
  • Dupione Deep Sea 8019
    Dupione Deep Sea 8019
  • Dupione Henna 8056
    Dupione Henna 8056
  • Dupione Bamboo 8013
    Dupione Bamboo 8013
  • Dupione Celeste 8067
    Dupione Celeste 8067
  • Dupione Latte 8066
    Dupione Latte 8066
  • Dupione Nectarin 8064
    Dupione Nectarin 8064
  • Dupione Papaya 8053
    Dupione Papaya 8053
  • Dupione Pearl 8010
    Dupione Pearl 8010
  • Dupione Walnut 8017
    Dupione Walnut 8017
  • Heather Beige 5476
    Heather Beige 5476
  • Linen Canvas 8353
    Linen Canvas 8353
  • Linen Chili 8306
    Linen Chili 8306
  • Linen Straw 8314
    Linen Straw 8314
  • Maxim Heater Beige 5674
    Maxim Heater Beige 5674
  • Regency Sand -5695
    Regency Sand -5695
  • Sesame Linen 8318
    Sesame Linen 8318
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