Cast Iron Dutch Oven 16-QT. with Basket

Cast Iron Dutch Oven 16-QT. with Basket BY7416
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Cast Iron Dutch Oven 16-QT. with Basket

Cast iron dutch oven 16-qt. with basket. This set includes 1 dutch oven, lid and aluminum basket with handle. The Bayou Classic cast iron dutch oven features durability, versatility, and overall quality. This cast iron cookware can accommodate any outdoor cooking need. It is made rough and rugged. The Bayou Classic's cast iron dutch ovens can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Sales person says: Cast iron cookware can outlive any cookware you will ever have. One of the reasons that keep cast iron durable is seasoning. If seasoned correctly during many years of use cast iron pots will serve your grandkids. Cast iron pots are unique in looks because they look like they have been used before with imperfections and a slight smell of the seasoning and an oily touch. This is surprising to people who have never seen a cast iron pot before. But rest assured; the lid that doesn't seal the little imperfections on the surface or outside and the oily smell are all unique and original to cast iron cookware.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Apr 8, 2016,
Very high quality product. Was easy to order and was delivered in a couple of days. Made my best ever pot of Gumbo in it. Got a lot of compliments on how nice the pot was. Cast iron is recommended for those serious about making a pot of Gumbo. First time I ever ordered something online that was as advertised with no surprises.

5/5starsOn May 12, 2014,
This is an outstanding product, cooks so nice and evenly. I made a pulled pork in the oven using the Dutch oven came out fabulous. On the other hand, when I called your 1-800 service line to ask about the confusing directions on how to season the pan and a question about the parafin wax, not only was the gentlemen lost in space with my questions, he was rude pushing me to get it over with.

5/5starsOn Dec 5, 2013,
The 16qt Bayou Classic Dutch Oven is exactly what is advertised. I have no complaints and would recommend this product. Service was great. It shipped on time and I received it in about 4 days.

5/5starsOn Dec 27, 2010,
Great buy for the price!

5/5starsOn Jul 17, 2009,
The 16QT cast iron dutch w/ basket is great. I got it for my Dad for Father's day. He loves it. He seasoned it real good, and made a huge pot of stew. The clean up was simple and nothing stuck to it. Great investment.!

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