Cast Iron 6-QT. Soup Pot

Cast Iron 6-QT. Soup Pot BY7406
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Cast Iron 6-QT. Soup Pot

Cast iron soup pot 6-qt. This set includes 1 soup pot and lid. The Bayou Classic cast iron pots feature durability, versatility, and overall quality. This cast iron cookware can accommodate any outdoor cooking need. ıt is made rough and rugged. The Bayou Classic's cast iron pots can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Sales person says: Cast iron cookware can outlive any cookware you will ever have. One of the reasons that keep cast iron durable is seasoning. If seasoned correctly during many years of use cast iron pots will serve your grandkids. Cast iron pots are unique in looks because they look like they have been used before with imperfections and a slight smell of the seasoning and an oily touch. This is surprising to people who have never seen a cast iron pot before. But rest assured; the lid that doesn't seal the little imperfections on the surface or outside and the oily smell are all unique and original to cast iron cookware.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Feb 3, 2012,
Got this pot for my husband for his birthday. He had been wanting one for a long long time. He LOVED it. It was exactly what he wanted. We received in a timely manner which was also a plus. This is the first time we order from this company but, I know we'll be ordering again. Thank you..................

5/5starsOn Jan 22, 2012,
Great price for cast iron. The size is perfect for both the oven and stove top. Handle design is perfect for not burning hands. I will return for more cast iron pots.

5/5starsOn Jul 12, 2011,
Outstanding soup pot and delivery time was less than expected, will definately keep you in mind for future orders.

5/5starsOn Jan 7, 2011,
This was another present I bought my wife for Christmas and she loves it almost as much as the baking pan! She is a master chef in the kitchen and can whip up any kind of soup in this pot!! The best soup pot by far of any other type or brand of soup pot!! Cast Iron is the greatest!!

5/5starsOn Nov 23, 2010,
The Cast Iron Soup Pot was purchased for my daughter who has a wood stove to heat the house. It fits perfect on the top of the stove for putting moisture into the atmosphere.

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