Steam Boil Fry Stockpot - 24 Qt Stainless Steel

Steam Boil Fry Stockpot - 24 Qt Stainless Steel BY1124
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Steam Boil Fry Stockpot - 24 Qt Stainless Steel

Steam boil fry stockpot - 24 Qt stainless steel. These pots are made of 304 stainless steel. They are great for your indoor or outdoor chef, and they are one of the most versatile pots on the market. It is possible to use the basket to boil, steam, or fry all of your favorite foods, or remove it for those large helpings gumbo or stew. It is 12.5" diameter and 11.75 high. It has a 24 Qt capacity. It is made up of 22 gauge steel. It has a perforated steam/boil basket. It comes with a vented lid. Its basket sits 3 inches above the bottom for steaming. The basket and the lid are included.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Jul 20, 2012,
Used once to steam crabs. So far, so good.

5/5starsOn Jan 4, 2012,
This was a Christmas gift based upon a great deal of research beforehand. The construction appears to be of great quality and the basket and lid fit very well. The first use was on the stovetop and while it took some time to get the pot steaming, the seafood we cooked was better than we'd recently had in our favorite restaurant in Seattle. Although a bit bulky, cleanup was a breeze. This puppy will hold enough seafood and other goodies to feed 6 or more folks. Having used smaller and old pots in the past, we are happy to have a pot that will cook it all. Buying a gas burner will be next. Good product Bayou Classic!

5/5starsOn Sep 6, 2011,
Love it! So nice and the the price is better than any I have found. We did corn i it, didn't take long at all, and we had it packed to the top. Cleans up really well, heat is distributed evenly. Great purchase.

5/5starsOn Apr 8, 2011,
This is a beautiful pot. I was very impressed with the sturdiness and how well made it is. Great for cooking large quantities.

5/5starsOn May 7, 2010,
Perfect. Nice gage will be used as fermenter and mash pot. Good quality. Not sure if the riveted handles will be water tight but they seem to be thus far.

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