Water Hammock Foam Pool Float

Water Hammock Foam Pool Float NT107
Water Hammock Foam Pool Float NT107Water Hammock Foam Pool Float NT107Water Hammock Foam Pool Float NT107Water Hammock Foam Pool Float NT107
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Water Hammock Foam Pool Float

Water hammock foam pool float is made with AquaCell technology. Aqua Cell foam contours and supports the body. Features soft and durable closed cell foam. Dual zone cushioning for extra support and comfort. Lightweight design. Smooth surface provides timeless style and comfort. This premium float will not chip or crack over time due to its use of Aqua Cell foam. It is unaffected by UV rays or chlorine/bromine and its rich color is impregnated throughout the float, not just on the surface. Dimensions: 48 inches long x 26 inches wide.

Sales person says: Made in USA. To stay cool, just add water. Float and soak at the same time with the water hammock. Our Water Hammock comes with a Lifetime Buoyancy Warranty.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Apr 24, 2013,
I cannot really rate this product because it will be used when I open my above ground swimming pool. I plan on opening the pool by mid-May and at that time I hope to be lounging on my new water hammock and enjoying the sun. I'll let you know then. The service was excellent. I ordered the floats and within days they were delivered.

5/5starsOn Sep 14, 2012,

5/5starsOn Aug 16, 2012,
This pool float is everything I was hoping it would be!! Looking forward to many years of relaxing. Good value and great customer service.

5/5starsOn Jul 23, 2012,
These are awesome. perfect shape for a lazy loll. Really great service

1/5starsOn Jul 11, 2012,
I ordered this float in June 2011. It was great last summer, but after having been stored indoors over the winter, at 68 degrees, it ripped the first time we used it this summer. Unfortunately, it was a few days out of warranty, so I'm just out of luck. DO NOT buy this product thinking that it's going to be worth the money because it will last a long time. It won't. Also, CozyFloats has lost my business since when I called, they essentially just said Too bad. Normally, if I buy an expensive item at a store, online or otherwise, they try harder to make sure that I'm satisfied. Not here. I won't be back.

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