Solar Night Flowers - Rose Solar Light SF1007 Reviews

Solar Night Flowers - Rose Solar Light SF1007

Solar Night Flowers - Rose Solar Light
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May 3, 20111/5stars 1.0

CRAP. again I put solar panels finally in light for 3 days. I have 2 out of 6 that worked I used those to test the other 4 panels NO LIGHT. Again I say crap. I really wished they worked Very interesting lights, I have had some solar lights now for 6 years . I maintain the batteries bring inside in winter if delicate as I would these. some were under 2 feet of snow this winter and they still work
July 9, 20093/5stars 3.0

I gave one of these as a gift, and kept one for myself. I was very disappointed when I left this outside to charge the solar battery and nothing happened. Finally I got my small set of screwdrivers, took the thing apart, and discovered that the battery had been put in backwards. The battery is impossible to reach without taking out 8 very small screws. It works now, and I can only hope that the one I gave as a gift has the battery inserted correctly.
June 29, 20094/5stars 4.0

I bought two roses and two
of the other solar flower and all of them work
besides one that I will get replaced. I like the
light it provides at night. It's not bright so don't
think you'll get by with just the solar flowers.
May 28, 20095/5stars 5.0

I love roses - have them everywhere and wanted to carry my theme over to my landscape lighting as well. The lights are beautiful - they glisten and add the perfect ambiance to my walkway...
Two things I am not happy with though...
The lights have it's solar 'collector' separate from the flower light at the end of about a 3 ft cord - I thought this would be a good thing - allowing it to be placed where there is sun all day - and it does -except - you tend to trip over the cord all the time...
Second - the lights do not stay on from dusk til dawn - the life span - with a FULL charge is - MAX- 4/5 hours - so by 1/2am they are out and it's black as pitch outside...
I would like it if they were electric - then they would illuminate all night - I could set them on a timer to go on and off at my will...
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