Outdoor Storage Box 99 Gallons SUDB9000 Reviews

Outdoor Storage Box 99 Gallons SUDB9000

Outdoor Storage Box 99 Gallons
Product ID: 001023

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July 23, 20095/5stars 5.0

The box works great for what we needed. As with anything molded plastic, it is not a "perfect" fit, but it appears to be water repellant & closes well enough to do the job! We are pleased with the product and the service.
January 29, 20095/5stars 5.0

Product description stated a short wait before shipping. After double the waiting time, I called and it was mailed that day- Other than that, easy to do business with and customer service was right on top of things! I would order from Cozy Days again!
January 12, 20091/5stars 1.0

Both storage boxes ordered arrived damaged. There was no damage to the outside cardboard shipping boxes, but the plastic storage box panels were stacked together without any internal packaging materials. The gussets where the lid straps attach to the side panels were broken off both boxes and the upper left corner of the front panel of one box was missing about two square inches of plastic that is visible even when the lid is closed. The broken plastic pieces were found in the bottom of the shipping boxes. I would have returned these storage boxes, but the replacements would have likely been delivered in a similar condition due to the inadequate packaging. These storage boxes have proven to be rain tight and the lids snap shut and stay closed even in a wind storm. Each holds six plush cushions for three high back chairs. I'm satisfied; but if you have no tolerance for damage, do not order. You have been warned.
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