Inflatable Lifelike 70 inch Donkey

Inflatable Lifelike 70 inch Donkey JC-AL-DONKEYS
  • Inflatable Lifelike 70 inch Donkey JC-AL-DONKEYS

Product Description

Introducing our new lifelike inflatable donkey. This donkey, just like all our other lifelike products, features our special colouring process which gives it a very detailed printing and it gives the inflatable a Matte finish. This donkey has a reinforced seam construction in places that would be exposed to pressure. The material is also thicker than an average inflatable. Given these features that it has, this donkey can definitely be sat upon, not just by children, but by adults up to 200lbs. Not only does this donkey make a great display for advertising or ordinary decor, but it also brings cleaner and fresher air. It produces negative ions. We have developed a technology that we can evenly distribute natural ingredients into the material. These ingredients will produce negative ions naturally and will bring your home with fresher air. Your home will not only look good with this donkey in it, but it will be a positive change in the air within your home. Inflated size of this giant donkey is 76" L x 25" W x 70" H.

  • Product ID: 019690
  • Collection: Lifelike Animal Collection
  • Size (inflated): 76" L x 25" W x 70" H
  • Produces negative ions.
  • Stable and strong.
  • Carefree for months of use.
  • Box size: 21x16x9 with weight: 7 lbs.

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Inflatable Lifelike 70 inch Donkey JC-AL-DONKEYS$349.99
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