Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow Queen 30x38x7

Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow Queen 30x38x7 FL-SLANT-QUEEN
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  • Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow Queen 30x38x7
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  • Product ID: 001838

Product Description

Avana Slant bed wedge rest pillow in queen size 30 inches by 7 inches. Cover made with Velvish in a neutral buckwheat color. The new softer, more comfortable, (removable, machine washable) cover eliminates the need for additional pillow cases. Elevation bed rest pillow as a safe and natural gerd solution to control night time acid reflux you need to put gravity to work for you. Elevating the head alone won't do the trick. The Slant does what pillows can't do. It works like a hospital bed to keep your whole torso gently elevated, providing the ideal comfort sleep surface. Especially recommended in pregnancy as a safe, natural addition to nighttime acid reflux.The Slant is designed with a urethane foam foundation covered in a layer of body contouring memory foam so you get the perfect combination of comfort and support. A high-grade antimocrobial padded polyester cover zips right off for easy washing.

  • Product ID: 001838
  • Measures: 30" Wide x 8" High x 38" Front to Back.
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Queen size.
  • Machine washable.
  • Head pillow shown is not included.
  • Made in USA.

Latest Customer Reviews

Avana Slant Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow Queen 30x38x7 FL-SLANT-QUEEN
October 21, 20135/5 stars 5.0
G. W. from Cobleskill, NY
Excellent product very happy with product definitely would recommend
February 3, 20135/5 stars 5.0
L. B. from Bakersfield, CA
I can't rate this right now. I am having a difficulty staying on the slant. I keep ending up near the end of the slant as I slide down during the night. The quality of the slant is good. If I could stay on it at night it would work. Thanks
September 24, 20123/5 stars 3.0
C. W. from Rockville, MD
Already rated this 1 star but they did not post the rating! This is NOT memory foam, it's very hard and impossible to sleep on. Too long, i'm 5' 9", only good for a tall person, 6ft+. Sure shipping is included, but if you need to return, it could cost $90+ because of the oversized box it comes in. I live on the east coast, they are in Florida, and I kicked myself in the but for having to return the thing. But it was because of their miss representation of the product. I will never buy from Cozy Days again.
September 23, 20121/5 stars 1.0
C. W. from Roclville, MD
It is NOT memory foam. So hard it was impossible to lay on. Too long and I'm 5' 8" female. If you decide to return it, you will have to spend around $90 for shipping. It's in an oversized box. Plus they may charge restocking fees.
September 14, 20125/5 stars 5.0
T. T. from Corona, CA
I ordered the 30 x 8 Slant Pillow but was sent the 30 x 6 instead. In my case it worked out to be a fortunate mistake, as the size seems just right. After using the pillow for a couple of months I can say I am sleeping better and more soundly. I have only had a couple of very minor acid reflux edisodes and those were because I ate a little too late. As an added bonus my wife says the pillow has stopped 99% of my snoring, much to her relief. This pillow is certainly more expensive than the smaller ones you can buy in some stores, but for a tall guy like me it works well, and after all, what is a good nights sleep worth? Fast shipping. Sent the wrong size but it worked out well so I didn't contact the company.
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