3 Form Under Desk Foot Rest Pillow Beige

3 Form Under Desk Foot Rest Pillow Beige FL-3-FORM-J02
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  • 3 Form Under Desk Foot Rest Pillow Beige
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  • Product ID: 001846
  • SKU: FL-3-FORM-J02

Product Description

3 Form under desk foot rest in beige from Foam Labs. Under-desk flexcercise for feet. Use 3-Form™ to prevent and treat heel pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Every day, those first few steps hurt your feet. At night, the pain is back. Doctors and Podiatrists prescribe pills, physical therapy, painful cortisone shots and expensive orthotics; but you can get the jump on them and stay out of the office without the need for annoying exercise regimens. 3-Form™ comfortably supports your feet while sitting and flexing the ankle to provide painless therapeutic stretch, the accepted mainstay of treatment and prevention of disabling heel pain. It makes a moment or a full day sitting at your desk more inviting and comfortable. Constructed with flexible polyurethane foam. Erect pile microfiber to promote circulation as you move. Cover is machine washable. Measures: 20" × 20" × 8".

  • Product ID: 001846
  • SKU: FL-3-FORM-J02
  • Measures: 20" × 20" × 8".
  • Machine washable.
  • Color: Stone Beige.
  • Made in USA.

Latest Customer Reviews

3 Form Under Desk Foot Rest Pillow Beige FL-3-FORM-J02
March 15, 20115/5stars 5.0

On March 6, 2011 I specifically ordered a "BLUE" Office Foot Rest Pillow for my Dad, who is in an Adult Family Home, and desparately needs a pillow to keep his feet elevated due to a medical issue. On March 15th I got the pillow, and they sent a "BEIGE" foot pillow. Does anyone in their FULFILLMENT CENTER in Atlanta, GA ...know the difference between BLUE and BEIGE ? I am not very happy with CozyDays at all, and do not want to risk playing the RETURN game. Beware, you may not get what you actually ordered from CozyDays.

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