4D Concepts White Storage Tower Large 4DC-76423 Reviews

4D Concepts White Storage Tower Large 4DC-76423

4D Concepts White Storage Tower Large
Product ID: 016023
SKU: 4DC-76423
Brand: 4D Concepts

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June 8, 20142/5stars 2.0

Honestly, I was less than thrilled with this piece of furniture. We needed something for our laundry area, and this particular piece of furniture, as far as the way it is set up, was just what we were looking for. The problem is that it is cheap. When I say "cheap" I mean cheaply made. It is your standard particle board, what you might think of as being sold at ikea. Perfect for dorm room quality. There were three areas that were damaged in the process of putting it together, simply because it is a cheap, not great quality piece of furniture. I wish I could upload pictures to show exactly what I mean. Maybe I will e-mail customer service directly, and send them my pictures. Shipping/packaging was not great either, as some of the edges were already smashed when it arrived. We have it up and it serves the purpose, but we'll continue to look for something of better quality.
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