Bayou Classic 3025 30 Qt Aluminum Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 3025 30 Qt Aluminum Turkey Fryer BY3025
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Product Description

Made of 99% pure aluminum, this 30-qt Turkey Fryer features heavy duty riveted handles and a vented lid. Inside the pot is a patented Poultry Rack and Lift Hook designed to create a circular flow of oil up through and around the cavity during the frying process. The final result is cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey golden brown. The select-grain leather glove (right hand only) protects from hot oil as you lift the turkey, to slowly insert and later remove, from the pot. The stainless 12-in. fry thermometer enables you to monitor and maintain optimal frying temperature. The 2 oz. Seasoning Injector with stainless needle is ideal for infusing your favorite seasonings into the turkey prior to cooking. Use outdoors only with your favorite Bayou Classic® high pressure cooker.

Salesperson says: “Specifically designed for frying a whole turkey in as little as 45 minutes, this aluminum Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer features a tall, narrow patented design that requires less cooking oil than a standard stockpot.”

  • Product ID: 026450
  • SKU: BY3025
  • Collection: Turkey Fryer
  • Brand: Bayou Classic
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 30 Qt. Aluminum Stock Pot
  • 1.0mm/18 gauge
  • Vented Lid
  • Perforated Poultry Rack/Grab Hook
  • 12" Thermometer 50° - 750°
  • 1 oz. Trial Seasoning Injector

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